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10 Steps To Starting An Online Business

On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson opens up about his latest online business and shows you a case study of how to be successful in creating extra income on the web. If you are looking to start an online business, or if you have an online business, you won’t want to miss this information!

Financial Goals

What Are Your Financial Goals?

By Jerry Robinson | Editor-in-Chief

It has been a rough ride in the global economy as of late. If you are an investor, you know that great financial perils exist right now… but so do great opportunities. It is this ability to recognize those opportunities that separate those who are financially successful from those who are not.

Most of the financially successful people I know are doing extremely well right now. Many of them have confided in me that the last two or three years have been some of their best years ever. I would have to agree.

To understand why, consider that my definition of financial success is our Five Levels of Financial Freedom. Sure, not every successful person that I know has used our wealth building system. However, their financial lives are structured very similarly to those who have.

One common trait that nearly all financially successful people share is that they have a well diversified investment portfolio with exposure to several different asset classes, including stocks, real estate, and precious metals. Instead of getting hung up on which financial product to buy, they focus on their overall financial goals, which then leads to the creation of a financial strategy.

This really is a major difference that sets the wealthy apart. Unfortunately, most people do this backwards. They listen to the financial media and think in terms of which financial product is “best.” This is the typical approach to financial planning by most Americans.

In contrast, the wealthy person asks “What are my financial goals?” Then they create a financial strategy to meet those goals. The financial products they buy are determined by their financial strategy

When I speak around the country, I am often asked by the audience where they should put their money. That’s the wrong question. That’s the question that will lead you to the poor house. The right question is: “What are my financial goals?” Until you can answer that question, you cannot create a solid financial strategy. And until you have a financial strategy, you cannot possibly know where to put your money. 

Once after speaking at a conference in Washington, a woman who was in her 60’s came up to me to ask where I thought she should put her money. When I asked what her financial goals were, she replied, “My nest egg is all I have and I just don’t want to lose it. I want to receive an ongoing income from my investments without having to worry if I will outlive it.”

When I asked her if she had ever considered an annuity, she cringed and said, “Oh no. I hear those are bad.”

Who says that annuities are bad?“, I asked. Her reply was telling. “That’s what I have heard on the radio,” she stated. I asked her if she always did her financial planning on AM radio. She chuckled and then continued to ask if I knew anything about an exotic currency (the Iraqi currency) and whether it was a “good” investment!

Bless this woman’s heart. Friends, this is exactly how the poor stay poor. They actually believe that the way to wealth is by picking the right financial products. Those who are wealthy, however, think strategy first, and products second. 

Now I do not know if an annuity would have been right for her. That would have to be determined by her and her trusted financial advisor. But I can tell you that based upon her stated goals of creating a lifetime income stream from her nest egg, it should have at least been a consideration.

To further illustrate this point, consider this: I am a decent golfer and have a nice set of golf clubs. However, put me on the golf course with Tiger Woods and it does not matter how nice my clubs are. I could have the most expensive set of clubs on the planet and he could have the cheapest. It would not matter. Why? Because Tiger’s power is in his “swing”, not in his golf club. Its strategy, not product, that the wealthy consider first.


Your takeaway: Stop listening to the financial product pushers and instead focus on writing down your financial goals. Then, create a financial strategy for achieving those goals. Finally, consider which financial product would be best for reaching your goals. Don’t fall for the simple thinking that some products are good and some are bad. When you think this way, you fall into the financial salesman’s trap. Instead, some financial products are right for your particular goals while some are not right for your specific goals.  

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson

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Is A New Global Gold Standard Coming?

Is the world moving closer towards a new gold standard? Tom Cloud, Precious Metals Advisor, has the answer to this question, as well as the latest updates on gold, silver, and palladium in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.

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An Update on Precious Metals and Consumer Debt

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Jerry is joined by Agora Financial’s chief economist, Michael Pento. Michael is a fellow Austrian economist and will share his take on the global economic crisis and what lies ahead. In addition, he explains the best way to play these tumultuous markets despite the continuing crisis in the Eurozone.

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Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

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FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show – Preparing For Hyperinflation

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Also, while stocks have been going down, gold prices have been exploding to the upside. Precious metals advisor, Tom Cloud, is here to help you take advantage of the exciting action in the precious metals markets. Tom will discuss gold, silver, and palladium in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.

But first, we begin the program with Jerry’s strategies for diversifying your savings with foreign currencies, gold, and silver as he continues his series on how you can achieve lasting financial security by using our very own Five Levels of Financial Freedom. If you are looking for practical financial strategies, you have found the right place.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

FTMWeekly Radio – Death By China: The Darker Side of the Rising Dragon

On this week’s program, we begin with a brief update on the financial markets followed by this week’s Precious Metals Market Update with Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud.

Then, in Segment Two, Jerry be joined in a special interview with best-selling author, Greg Autry who has co-authored a provocative new book, with Dr. Peter Navarro, detailing the darker side of the rise of China. The book is entitled Death by China.

And finally, in Segment Three, we’ll be joined by Retirement Specialist, John Bearss, in a special extended interview. Jerry will discuss with John the current state of retirement. Our discussion will include some key ideas and strategies for those nearing retirement to consider.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show: The Five Levels to Financial Freedom

On this week’s FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show, Economist and Author Jerry Robinson explains how you can achieve financial independence. He talks about the Five Levels to Financial Freedom that he has created and explains how you can apply them step by step your current financial situation.

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FTMDaily News Update – The Year of Black Gold

2011 is turning out to be a boom year for OPEC. If oil can stay consistently above $100 until December, the cartel is projected to reap $1 trillion in oil revenues by year’s end.

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FTMDaily News Update – What’s Behind Russia’s Dramatic Economic Rise?

In 2010, the Russian MICEX Index has returned over 22%. And now in 2011, the index is already up 15%.

(In contrast, China is up only 5% so far this year. Brazil is down around 2% for the year while India has lost 10% so this year.)

So what’s behind Russia’s recent and dramatic rise?

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FTMDaily News Update – Goodbye “Cheap” Chinese Goods

When my daughter was younger, I used to offer her 25 cents for every item that she could find in our local Wal-Mart store that was not “made in China,” or some other Asian nation. Needless to say, she rarely walked out of the store with any money.

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Will the Euro Survive or Will the Euro Collapse?

Will the Euro survive? Or will the Euro collapse? There are a lot of questions swirling around the debt-ridden Eurozone. Before I tell you my thoughts, let’s take a brief look at how all of this mess got started.

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FTMDaily News Update – Gold, Silver, Oil Prices Soar

But the big news today were metals and oil as global uncertainty continued to reign in the financial markets. Gold prices rose to a record high of $1,438/oz. Over the last eight trading days, gold prices have risen by over 4%.

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FTMDaily News Update – U.S. Dollar Breaks New Lows

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed back above the 12,000 level in intra-day trading, for the first time in a week, on news that AT&T would buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. The merger would make AT&T the nation’s largest wireless carrier.