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An Update on Precious Metals and Consumer Debt

March 17, 2012



An Update on Precious Metals and Consumer Debt

FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 1

 Jerry Robinson begins this week's program with an extended interview with Tom Cloud, providing an update on the gold, silver, and palladium markets. Plus, Tom discusses the diamond market and breaks some important news about diamonds that you don't want to miss in this week's Precious Metals Market Update.

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FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 2

  In Segment Two, Jerry is joined by the Christian Debt Coach, Tom Coates. Tom is the executive director and co-founder of Consumer Credit of Des Moines, a non-profit organization focusing on Christian credit counseling. He works with individuals all across the nation and has helped over 100,000 families find peace of mind through money management and debt reduction.

Tom discusses the current state of consumer debt in the United States, and gives advice for those who have found themselves sinking in consumer debt. He describes the warning signs that outside help may be needed to straighten out your finances.

Tom concludes with an offer to counsel those that need help getting out of consumer debt. You can find out more about Tom's Christian Debt Coach services by calling (877) 366-5158, or simply clicking the link below.

*** Click here to learn more about veteran Christian Debt Coach, Tom Coates ***

*** 10 Alarming Statistics About Credit Card Debt in America ***

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FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 3

  In our final segment, Jerry and Jennifer dive into the Listener Mailbag to answer your questions. Jerry answers a tough moral question about the Petrodollar system, and he also discusses an affiliate program for FTM Insiders who wish to promote our services.


*** Read Jerry's latest article, Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System, Part 3 ***


If you have a question that you would like Jerry to answer on the air, call (800) 609-5530 or email 



Then, Jay Peroni, CFP, helps you discern recent stock market activity in this week's Investing Insight.


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Finally, we conclude with the Retirement Minute with John Bearss. This week John discusses one of the biggest mistakes people make on the road to early retirement








"Jerry Robinson does an excellent job of explaining the 'Petrodollar' system. His book explains exactly how this will come about, but equally important is the comprehensive section on what you can do to protect yourself."
- G. Edward Griffin, Author and Film-Maker

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