Precious Metals

How High Will Silver Go?

So just how high will silver go in 2012 and 2013? Here’s our brief silver report. Topics include the coming silver shortage and a brand new interview with Tom Cloud on the basics of investing in silver.

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FTM Insider Exclusive: Tom Cloud’s New Precious Metals Podcast

Several months ago, Tom Cloud and I began discussing the possibility of him setting up his own podcast so that he could keep our FTM Insiders updated on the latest news affecting precious metals.

Today, we are proud to announce that Tom has released his very first podcast. It is a brief 5 minute podcast. Feel free to provide us any feedback. Click here to listen.

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Gerald Celente’s Gold Account Looted By MF Global Banksters

Popular trends forecaster, and regular guest on the Follow the Money Weekly radio show, Gerald Celente has reportedly had his gold futures trading account seized amid the bankruptcy proceedings involving the colossal banking failure, MF Global. In the video clip below, Celente explains his experience.

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Trump’s New Gold Standard

A tenant recently paid Donald Trump in solid gold bullion instead of in cash. Is this a new trend?

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Gold alert: An alarming update from Europe

A new trend in Austrian (and perhaps the rest of Europe’s) banking policies suggests that certain interested parties are attempting to control the sale and personal acquisition of gold/silver as safe haven assets. What we experienced first hand should be a wake up call for not just Europeans, but Americans as well.
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Ron Paul: Where is Our Gold?

Dr. Ron Paul continues to seek the truth on the gold reserves of the United States. Here are a few videos from the the June 23 Congressional hearing initiated by Dr. Paul. Also, CNN is actually highlighting Dr. Paul’s latest efforts. The story is contained inside.

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Are We Running Out of Silver?

Editor’s Note: Although silver prices have experienced a dip in the last several weeks, the demand for silver is consistently increasing. The supply, on the other hand, is having trouble keeping up with demand. Therefore, we expect the price of silver to continue its upward trend as we move into the coming months and years.

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Latest Gold News: Could Gold Reach $5,000?

Here at FTMDaily, our investment philosophy has changed little over the last several years. We hold to an investing philosophy which we call P.A.C.E., which includes precious metals (P.A.C.E. stands for Precious metals, Agricultural Commodities, and Energy). We believe that precious metals continue to be a wise investment for those investors seeking inflation protection.