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PODCAST: Learning to Unlearn Money

June 20, 2018


Are you in financial distress with no hope in sight? Listen, as trading coach and serial entrepreneur Jerry Robinson challenges us to take a step back from our dismal situation and begin radically thinking a different way. Later, precious metals expert Tom Cloud reminds us of the benefits of precious metals investing, and Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell shares the many facets of a properly structured life insurance policy.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Learning to Unlearn Money - Rethinking For Financial Success - Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 00:45

In this third installment of his new teaching series centered on the acronym C.O.U.R.S.E., trading coach and veteran trader Jerry Robinson addresses the letter “U” today, which stands for a simple word and a not-so-simple process: Unlearn.

  • The wrong financial principles lock us in a vicious cycle from which we can never break free
  • The importance of teaching our children proper financial principles for success
  • Money grows when you put it in motion
  • Learning to unlearn what you have learned is perhaps the highest form of learning
  • Our knowledge base is our software that runs upon our hardware, which is our mind
  • It’s vital that we understand our knowledge base
  • To start unlearning about our economic system and financial system, visit us here.

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Jerry Robinson on Twitter


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Segment 2: Precious Metals Market Update w/ Tom Cloud
Segment begins at 40:34

With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud brings us his perspective of what lies ahead for gold and silver. Today, he reminds us of the many benefits that he offers investors.

  • Rebroker your product free (if you buy from us)
  • Special deals every day
  • Assistance in recovering from losses
  • Help in finding the most cost-efficient product
  • Broker your self-directed IRA
  • The lowest storage fees!
  • FREE DOWNLOAD: Precious Metals Investor Kit

Call 800-247-2812 now for the best prices on gold and silver coins and receive Free Shipping & Insurance when you mention FTMDaily.

Segment 3: 6 Benefits of a Properly Structured Life Insurance Policy - Mike Mitchell
Segment begins at 47:10

Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell offers an expert voice of wisdom in making proper decisions for sound retirement. Today, he informs us of the multiple economic benefits that surround a properly designed life insurance contract.

  1. Cash value
  2. The tax-deferred accumulation of cash value
  3. The “ROTH effect”
  4. Waiver of premium, if disabled
  5. Death benefit (think of this as a ‘financial coupon’)
  6. The ability to withdraw cash value tax-free

Call Mike Mitchell Toll-Free at 833-370-0777 With Your Retirement Questions

Call 833-370-0777 to speak directly with Mike Mitchell about how you can experience a sound retirement.

Segment 4: The Final Word w/Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 52:12

Amid a rising interest in cryptocurrencies, Jerry Robinson encourages listeners to become educated about this new technology. To help listeners follow the growing market, he offers our Crypto Trakker Portfolio 2018. This is available for our Platinum and Gold members absolutely free. For more info, or to purchase the portfolio alone, please visit us here.

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