Fresh Updates! October 2018 Crypto Trakker Portfolio and Alerts!
Want to Cash In on the Next Bitcoin?
"Regardless of anyone's opinion, it is absolutely undeniable that investing in the right cryptocurrencies can radically change your financial future."
Due to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to release our October 2018 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Updates!  

Jerry Robinson has been personally investing in cryptocurrencies since 2012 and his selections have meteoric price appreciation since then.  

Regardless of anyone's opinion, it is absolutely undeniable that owning the right cryptocurrencies can radically change your financial future

Some may call it a bubble. We believe that blockchain technology and crypto- currencies are still in the early stages of disrupting outdated systems.

Would you like to profit from this paradigm shifting technology, but don't know where to begin?  There are over a THOUSAND different cryptocurrencies available to invest in and many are destined to fail...but the winners have the potential to generate life-changing profits. 

Set yourself up for success by getting started right now with the newly-released October 2018 Crypto Trakker portfolio and alerts.  This special package is loaded with actionable information that could pay for itself many times over.
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The Next Generation of Cryptos Are Poised For Another BIG Run!
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  • 2018 "Core" Crypto Portfolio:  4 Cryptocurrencies to hold for the long term.
  •  2018 "Penny Crypto" Portfolio: Of the 1000+ "penny cryptos" now trading, we have meticulously sifted through and selected the 6 "best of the best" penny cryptos with the most explosive upside potential.  The cryptocurrencies in this second -more speculative- portfolio currently trade at very low levels and have the very real potential to explode higher over the next twelve months.  
  •  Real-Time Alerts & Updates:  With cryptocurrency markets fluctuating at a hyper-accelerated pace, having an expert standing ready to alert you to time-sensitive information is an invaluable resource!
  •  Quarterly Commentary:  You will be kept well-informed about each cryptocurrency in our portfolio, any time a crypto is removed or added, and the pertinent information you need to profit.
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$297 Special Pricing  ($497
The Next Generation of Cryptos Are Poised For Another BIG Run!