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PODCAST: Biggest Moves in Cryptocurrencies Are Yet to Come

February 8, 2018


In this episode, we're switching it up a bit, as Founder and CEO of, Jerry Robinson sits on the opposite side of the table - as the interviewee. The host of, Elijah Johnson, asks Jerry for his perspective on gold, cryptocurrencies, the state of the stock market, and what 2018 may hold for traders and investors.

Show Notes

Segment 1: An Interview with Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 00:31

As he and his family retreat to the warm, sunny beaches of Mexico, we dip into our archives to bring you this compelling interview with the Founder and CEO of, Jerry Robinson. A trained economist, experienced Trading Coach, and veteran trader, Jerry shares with Elijah Johnson, the host of, why he is bullish on the market, bearish on the U.S. dollar, and “a permabull” on gold.

  • All markets move according to trends, boom-bust cycles
  • Following the trend = Following the money
  • The benefits of inverse ETFs when a downtrend is forming
  • Why you should never mix your investing with your political beliefs
  • Cryptocurrencies are “the #1 reason” to own gold
  • This extremely bearish signal will be a clear repudiation of the U.S. dollar
  • Profit Trakker: The Ultimate Trend Trading System

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Segment 2: The Final Word w/Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 27:42

Armed with the wisdom of the ages, Jerry encourages us with a powerful, yet simple recipe for achieving success.

  • Plan your work
  • Work your plan
  • Learn from your failures

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