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Follow The Money Radio

PODCAST: Charting Your Course To Financial Security

May 30, 2018


This week, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson discuss the success of the recent 2018 Follow the Money Summit, and delve into the importance of "commitment" when it comes to achieving success. Later, Tom Cloud discusses the latest events impacting the gold and silver market and Mike Mitchell asks: "Are you positioned for retirement success?"

Show Notes

Charting Your Course To Financial Security
Segment begins at 00:44

On the heels of the smashing success of Follow The Money Summit 2018, Keynote Speaker of the event and serial entrepeneur Jerry Robinson announces 3 exciting locations under consideration for Follow The Money Summit 2019. Also, he begins a new teaching series in which he dissects the acronym “C.O.U.R.S.E.” by zeroing in on the letter “C”, which stands for Commitment.

  • What does success mean to you?
  • The passion that you have for your goal will determine your success
  • Build a library of books around your focus and journal your discoveries
  • Commitment requires a constant and steady focus on your goal
  • Committing to a course of action is so much easier and more productive when you know your “why”
  • The power of writing your goals down on paper and keeping them in front of you
  • Are you committed to achieving success?

CONTEST! Send us your best pics of Follow The Money 2018 Summit!

Tweet: #ftmsummit18
Deadline: Sunday, June 3, 2018
Prize: $100 in bitcoin!

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Precious Metals Market Update
Segment begins at 35:23

With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud brings us his perspective of what lies ahead for gold and silver.

  • U.S. debt is over $21 trillion, interest is $400 billion/year!
  • Gold and silver are at incredibly low prices compared to mining costs
  • A new cryptocurrency in South Africa is coming on line
  • The expected major boost in gold prices as gold gets tied to new cryptos
  • FREE DOWNLOAD: Precious Metals Investor Kit

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Are You Positioned For Retirement Success? w/ Mike Mitchell
Segment begins at 42:26

Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell offers an expert voice of wisdom in making proper decisions for sound retirement. Today, he discusses strategies for financial success in retirement.

  • Create a holistic, macroeconomic structure with very smart, out of the box ideas
  • Seek a specialist in tax-favored positioning
  • Learn how to better distribute and enjoy your financial success

Call Mike Mitchell Toll-Free at 833-370-0777 With Your Retirement Questions

Call 833-370-0777 to speak directly with Mike Mitchell about how you can experience a sound retirement.

The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 47:48

In our final segment, Jerry encourages us to remember that faith is evidence, as declared in Hebrews 11:1, and that without it, it is impossible to please God. Plus, he presents a riveting question from the Savior and Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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