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Category: 401k Investing

March 11, 2013 Category: 401k Investing

I Need to Know How to Borrow From 401k

Jerry, I really need some extra cash right for family expenses and would like to know how to borrow from 401k. I have exhausted my emergency savings and need to tap into my 401k without making a dumb mistake.

October 16, 2010 Category: 401k Investing

This Week’s Financial Strategy – Planning for Long Term Care – Part 2

Hi Jerry. Last week we talked about how Medicare works when dealing with long term care needs.  What we discovered is that Medicare will only pay if you have first, spent at least three days in the hospital and then secondly, go to a skilled nursing facility. 

September 4, 2010 Category: 401k Investing

Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

The year 2010 presents a great opportunity for those folks who own a 401(k) plan or a traditional IRA.  Most people who own a 401(k) have never asked their plan administrator if their plan allows them to do an in-service rollover for non hardship cases.