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Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

April 5, 2023 Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

China, Brazil Strike Deal To Ditch Dollar For Trade

Last week, Brazil announced that it had forged a new deal with its largest trading partner, China, to trade in the two countries’ own currencies. 

March 31, 2021 Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

U.S. Dollar Stages New 200 DMA Breakout, Hits Four-Month High

The U.S. Dollar Index continues to climb amid expectations of a strong U.S. economic recovery from the pandemic.

August 7, 2011 Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

Weekend Roundup: A Brief Update on the U.S. Downgrade

While I am on the road this weekend, I am keeping a close eye on the unfolding drama in the global economy. After the S&P’s decision to downgrade America’s credit rating, things are certain to get interesting this week.

Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

Greenspan: No U.S. Default Because ‘We Can Always Print Money’

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan on Sunday ruled out the chance of a US default following S&P’s decision to downgrade America’s credit rating because the U.S. “can always print money.”


June 29, 2011 Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

Dollar Will Lose Global Reserve Currency Status, Says Central Bankers

Editor’s Note: In Jerry Robinson’s book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation, Jerry forecasts that by 2020 the U.S. dollar will lose its global reserve status. There is more and more news that points to this forecast becoming reality. As the world recognizes the economic problems in the United States, they will gravitate toward safer currencies in the years to come.

May 17, 2011 Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

America’s Petrodollar System: A Timeline of the Rise and Fall of the U.S. Dollar

When will the U.S. Dollar collapse? Here’s a brief timeline that summarizes the rise and fall of the U.S. Dollar. It also details the decline of the dollar due to the petrodollar collapse.

January 5, 2011 Category: U.S. Dollar Crisis

Another Sign of the Dollar Collapse: World Bank Issues First Yuan Bonds

While the yuan is still years away from being able to displace the dollar in global trade, it is inevitable that the U.S. dollar will continue its downward trend which will require the rise of other currencies. The two contenders to watch closely in the coming years are the euro and the yuan.