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PODCAST: What Millennials Don’t Get About Gold

January 9, 2019


The 'millennial' generation has been called one of the most 'financially savvy' generations in recent memory. But it is also clear that many millennials don't fully understand what money really is, let alone the history of our current monetary system. In this week's podcast, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson are joined by precious metals expert Tom Cloud to discuss an important financial knowledge gap in the millennial generation, and how to solve it.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Why Aren't Millennials Buying Gold?
Segment begins at 00:44

In true Follow The Money fashion, economist Jerry Robinson and his wife/financial analyst Jennifer continue their quest to educate listeners on the basic concepts of money, with a special message today for millennials. They begin with an examination of possible reasons why so few millennials are interested in owning gold.

  • Gold seems irrelevant in today’s high tech world
  • Poor media coverage: They’re not sure where or how to buy it
  • They know more bitcoin millionaires than gold/silver millionaires
  • They believe cryptocurrency will replace gold
  • They are more tech-savvy than their parents and gold/silver just seems boring
  • Many don’t understand what money really is

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Segment 2: A Conversation with Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud
Segment begins at 19:00

With over four decades in the industry, precious metals advisor Tom Cloud joins Jerry and Jennifer Robinson for a riveting conversation about the history of gold and silver and the stark anomaly of today’s monetary system.

  • The insurmountable numbers on the US Debt Clock
  • As the value of the US dollar goes down, the value of gold goes up
  • We are woefully ignorant of  today’s deviant monetary system
  • Throughout history, there’s never been a country that survived when it went off of the gold standard
  • The fundamentals that are driving the demand for silver in 2019
  • Silver will be one of the first elements to be depleted from the earth’s crust
  • Nothing has gone up at the rate the Fed is printing money – except debt
  • The U.S Dollar is a Federal Reserve Note – an I.O.U.
  • The palladium-platinum seesaw story

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Segment 3: Three Things to Read Right Now
Segment begins at 56:15

Jennifer shares three essential resources for listeners interested in learning more about how money works and the pivotal moments in history when the US upended its monetary policy.

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Segment 3: The Final Word
Segment begins at 58:14

Jerry closes out today’s show with an encouraging word of wisdom from ancient King Solomon that spans generations and circumstances.

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Proverb 13:13 (NLT)

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