PODCAST: The Global Solar Energy Revolution is Here to Stay

The Global Solar Energy Revolution is Here to Stay

The Global Solar Energy Revolution is Here to Stay
Welcome to Follow the Money Radio! Last week, the Trump admin announced a new 30% tariff on imported solar panels, which critics fear could cost jobs, dramatically increase solar panel costs for Americans, and slow adoption of solar energy technology in the U.S. But while Washington can set back solar energy a few years through their policies, they are too late to stop the global solar energy revolution.Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: The Global Solar Energy Revolution is Here to Stay (w/ Jerry Robinson)

Segment begins at 00:31

Economist, best-selling author, and Trading Coach Jerry Robinson addresses the likely impact of President Trump’s 30% tax on imported solar panels, the reasons behind it, and the incredibly, undeniably bright future of solar energy.

  • Who benefits from this 30% tariff?
  • China is strategically cornering the solar energy market
  • The rise and fall of world empires often accompanies the rise and fall of a new energy source
  • The world is ripe for the move to renewable energy
  • How will this tariff impact solar energy stock prices?
  • Coming soon… A new report of our top Solar Energy stocks

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Segment 2: Precious Metals Market Update w/ Tom Cloud

Segment begins at 17:40

With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud brings us his perspective of what lies ahead for gold and silver. 

  • Perth Met is developing a cryptocurrency backed by gold within 12-14 months
  • We must not lose sight of the fact that gold is money
  • Gold and silver will be the beneficiaries of gold/silver-backed cryptocurrencies
  • There is only $3 trillion of gold and silver in the entire world today
  • Gold is off to a tremendous start in 2018, up over 3% already
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Segment 3: How to Withdraw Money From A 401(k) Before Retirement Age w/Mike Mitchell

Segment begins at 26:52

Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell offers an expert voice of wisdom in making proper decisions for sound retirement. Today, he informs us of a little-known and seldom-discussed component of the IRS tax code regarding 401(k) retirement plans: the in-service withdrawal provision.

  • You can rollover at least part of your vested funds into a self-directed IRA
  • You can protect your assets against market losses as retirement approaches
  • You can minimize administrative fees and expenses

Call Mike Mitchell Toll-Free at 833-370-0777 With Your Retirement Questions

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Segment 4: Jesus Christ: Hope of the Hopeless w/Jerry Robinson

Segment begins at 33:01

What does a true follower of Jesus Christ look like? In today's final word, Jerry reminds us that following Jesus will often lead us to places we would not choose to go, and challenge the lengths of our compassion and devotion.

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