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PODCAST: Four Industries of the Future

January 23, 2019


This week, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson explore four innovative industries of the future: Solar energy, Blockchain technology, China internet, and Cannabis/Hemp. All four of these compelling industries are ripe for massive future potential profits -- especially by those who know where to look. Learn how we are playing each of these innovative industries on today's podcast!

Show Notes

Segment 1: Four Industries of the Future
Segment begins at 01:06

Following the release of our powerful new service, Trailblazer ETFs Trend Alerts, trading coach Jerry Robinson and financial analyst Jennifer Robinson discuss four highly promising industry ETFs with exciting profit potential for traders and investors.

  • So, what is an ETF?
  • Solar ETF (TAN). Solar energy is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and most renewable resources in the world. China is strategically cornering the solar energy market.
  • Blockchain ETF (BLOK). Bitcoin is simply the first application of blockchain technology.  The blockchain has no CEO, no building or headquarters, and no board of directors. It is the ultimate power to the people.
  • China Internet (KWEB). China has a long runway with only 721 million, or 52%, of its population using the internet. (Compare that to 90% of the population online in the U.S.)
  • BONUS TIP: Tencent Music (TME) boasts 800 million active monthly users (with service similar to Spotify).
  • Cannabis/Hemp ETF (MJ). Institutional investors have yet to join the party. The cannabis industry is expected to grow 5X soon — and much more in the long-term. Learn more in our newly released 2019 Cannabis Investment Report.
  • BONUS TIP: Origin House (ORHOF). Brand loyalty is currently being born in the cannabis space. Origin House seeks to identify the best up and coming California-based cannabis brands and takes a stake in these brands in order to profit from their potential expansion.

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Segment 2: The Final Word
Segment begins at 46:31

Jerry closes out today’s show with a powerful word of wisdom in properly prioritizing our goals for 2019, and a prayerful word of encouragement for us in achieving those goals.

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