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8 Easy Ways to Save Money Fast

Here are 8 simple ways to save money fast. Why keep giving your money away to the corporations when you could be saving this money for yourself?

Seven Ways to Save Money Under Obamacare

Whether you are a small business owner, an individual with no health insurance, or a family that already has health insurance, you might want to consider these ideas to help save money on health care and reduce your tax bill under Obamacare.

The 5 Best States for Retirees on a Budget

The 5 Best States for Retirees on a Budget

Perhaps calling New York, California, or Washington, DC home made sense during your working years. Now that you are reaching retirement, your priorities have likely changed.

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Housing Crisis Worse than Great Depression: 7 Shocking Facts About the U.S. Housing Market

Unless you have been asleep for the past several years, you know that the United States housing market is in the midst of a downturn of historic proportions. According to Case-Shiller, one of the leading housing data analysts, housing prices dropped 1.9 percent in the first quarter of 2011, revealing evidence of a clear double-dip in prices. The fall in prices even led one economist to claim that the housing crisis has been larger and faster than the one during the Great Depression.

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5 Questions for Jerry Robinson: An Interview with FTMDaily’s Editor-in-Chief

Today, sits down with Jerry Robinson to ask him questions that every reader wants to know. From creating multiple streams of income, to the commodities markets, to Jerry’s outlook on the exciting future of, we have the scoop from the founder and editor-in-chief himself. Enjoy the interview!