The Robinson Report

The Robinson Report: Welcome to the Everything Bubble!

We are living nearly a decade after one of the greatest stock market crashes in living memory. Since then, the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies have distorted prices and incentives, discouraged saving, and all while encouraging borrowing and ultimately, malinvestment. Read our full analysis here.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Featured

The Robinson Report: Announcing Our 2 New Cryptocurrency Portfolios for 2018

Long-time crypto investor, Jerry Robinson, reveals his own two personal cryptocurrency portfolios for 2018: One core “investment” porfolio and another highly speculative “penny-crypto” portfolio offering potentially explosive returns! Learn how you can get quarterly portfolio updates and ongoing cryptocurrency research/charting insights here!

PODCAST: Bitcoin Q&A for Investors

As the ferocious rally in cryptocurrencies pushes the price of Bitcoin above $10,000, we are receiving a flood of listener questions on the topic. On today’s broadcast, Economist and Trading Coach Jerry Robinson addresses several of these questions about cryptocurrencies. Later, an update on the weakening U.S. dollar with precious metals advisor, Tom Cloud, as well as an important investing tip from veteran financial advisor, Mike Mitchell.Listen to “Bitcoin Q&A for Investors” now.

PODCAST: Should I Buy Bitcoin?

As the price of the world’s top digital currency, Bitcoin, surges to new all-time highs and now trades above $7,000 each, one of the most common questions investors have is: Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? As an early adopter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Jerry Robinson will provide his answer on today’s show. Listen to “Should I Buy Bitcoin?” now.

The Robinson Report

The Robinson Report: Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin?

The historic stock market rally of 2017 paused last week, ending its longest weekly winning streak in four years, amid a rash of profit-taking by anxious investors. Despite Thursday’s profit-taking selloff in U.S. stocks, the S&P 500 manages to finish the week down just 0.21%. Read our full analysis here.

The Robinson Report

The Robinson Report: Bitcoin Price Soars to $7,500 On Wall Street Demand

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, soared again last week, this time topping the $7,500 mark! New buyers flocked to the trade, now up 900% in 12 months, as Coinbase, the largest U.S. bitcoin exchange, announced it added 100,000 customers in one day last week. Read our full analysis here.

Pro Trader Mastermind Group: Top Trading Insights

Join Trading Coach Jerry Robinson for our very first “no-holds-barred” Pro Trader Mastermind Group session, devoted to providing profitable, actionable trading strategies exclusively for our Platinum members.

How You Can Beat the Stock Market

PODCAST: What Stock Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions new stock traders and investors ask is, “What stock should I buy?” In this week’s episode, Trading Coach Jerry Robinson shares an overview of his own systematized approach to stock picking through the use of fundamental analysis. And later, our panel of financial experts bring you cutting edge insights into the precious metals market, as well as a tip for enjoying a better quality of life in retirement. Listen to “What Stock Should I Buy?” now.

Private Group Coaching: What Lies Ahead

Trading Coach Jerry Robinson demonstrates how to identify a new buy signal in our Profit Trakker system and explores the difference between swing trading, position trading, and long-term investing. Plus, learn what lies ahead for the brand new Private Group Coaching weekly session (which replaces the monthly Insider Conference Call).

Pro Trader Mastermind Video: Top 10 Trading Rules

Join Trading Coach Jerry Robinson for an invaluable lesson on his Top 10 Trading Rules. Also, Jerry shares an exciting announcement about the new upgrades to our membership plans designed to provide even greater value for our trading community.

VIDEO: Global Markets, Bitcoin Rally to Fresh Highs

Join Trading Coach Jerry Robinson for a discussion of the soaring optimism across the world that is sending global markets on a tear. Later, an update on Bitcoin, and Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny charts the metals markets.

The Top 5 Reasons To Start Trading Stocks Now

PODCAST: The Top 5 Reasons To Start Trading Stocks Now

As U.S. and global stock prices soar, more people are looking for ways to profit through trading stocks and ETFs. Trading Coach Jerry Robinson shares five reasons why trading is one of the best skills you can learn, regardless of your current situation. Later, precious metals advisor Tom Cloud shares the latest on the gold and silver markets. And finally, Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell answers a listener question about how to create a tax-free income stream in retirement with a 770 plan. Listen to “The Top 5 Reasons To Start Trading Stocks Now”

VIDEO: Will IMFCoin Replace Bitcoin?

Join Trading Coach Jerry Robinson for a discussion of the Trump Administration’s intention to repeal the Clean Power Plan and the potential impact on solar stocks. Later, the IMF publicly ponders entering the cryptocurrency market.

VIDEO: U.S. Stocks Melt-up + Saudi-Russia Relations Warm

Although the release of today’s job report reveals the first negative number since 2010, bullish sentiment in the market continues unabated. Trading Coach Jerry Robinson provides his analysis on investment opportunities with potential to yield big profits in the light of deregulation and comments on warming Saudi-Russia relations.

Is It Too Late To Invest in U.S. Stocks

PODCAST: Is It Too Late To Invest in U.S. Stocks?

As U.S. stock prices soar higher in 2017 under President Trump, we examine the reasons behind the ongoing uptrend and why stock prices could still climb much higher before the next inevitable collapse. And in this week’s trading tip, Jerry shares six rules for identifying and selecting successful growth stocks to trade and invest in. Later, Tom Cloud provides an update for precious metals investors and Christian Financial Advisor Mike Mitchell shares five basics for establishing a sound retirement plan. Listen to “Is It Too Late To Invest in U.S. Stocks?” now.

VIDEO: Why Wall Street Loves Trump

Despite a backdrop of worry and concern, this tremendously bullish market doesn’t appear to be turning back anytime soon. Today, Trading Coach Jerry Robinson charts the markets, analyzes some of his current trades, and explores the most likely winners in the Trump Tax Plan.