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PODCAST: How You Can Beat the Stock Market

November 9, 2017

    How You Can Beat the Stock Market
    Welcome to Follow the Money Radio! This week, Trading Coach Jerry Robinson examines one of the most powerful, yet little known, ways to consistently beat the market. This strategy, known as the F-Score, has historically beaten the market and even enjoyed gains during the 2008 stock market crash. And later, an update on the gold and silver markets from precious metals advisor, Tom Cloud, and also, another tip for enjoying retirement from Christian financial advisor, Mike Mitchell.  Subscribe on iTunes | Download

    Segment 1: 2018 Follow the Money Summit Announcement!

    Segment begins at 03:45

    In our continuing commitment to educate and empower you to successfully navigate the financial markets, we are delighted to announce that member registration is now open for our 2018 Follow the Money Summit!

    • DATE: May 25-26, 2018
    • LOCATION: Beautiful Downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas
    • SPECIAL GUESTS: David Morgan, Tom Cloud, Mike Mitchell, and a special guest expert in creating a thriving online business (details will be announced soon!)
    • ATTENDANCE: FREE for all Members! Registration is now open for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members.

    Segment 2: How You Can Beat the Stock Market (with Jerry Robinson)

    Segment begins at 07:09

    The expert framework of our Profit Trakker Trend Trading System, in conjunction with the right stocks, can produce spectacular, consistent profits. In this segment, Jerry explores the F-Score Strategy, and explains the following criteria used in this strategy to identify a fundamentally sound company with strong profit potential.

    1. Positive return on assets for the current year
    2. Operating cash flow is positive
    3. A rise in return on assets
    4. Operating cash flow is greater than net income (this measures the quality of the company’s earnings)
    5. A decrease in debt funding (also known as leverage)
    6. An increase in short-term liquidity
    7. The company has not diluted the value of its stock by issuing more shares to fund the company’s activities
    8. An increase in gross margin
    9. The company is converting its assets into revenue at a quicker pace than last year

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    Segment 3: Precious Metals Market Update

    Segment begins at 23:45

    With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud brings us his perspective of what lies ahead for gold and silver. Topics include:

    • Big imports of gold into China and Russia continue
    • The stage is clearly being set for a gold-backed yuan… for oil?
    • The U.S. seems oblivious to global monetary shifting
    • The Biblical wisdom in asset allocation
    • The growing danger of holding only fiat currency
    • FREE DOWNLOAD: Precious Metals Investor Kit

    Call 800-247-2812 now for the best prices on gold and silver coins and receive Free Shipping & Insurance when you mention FTMDaily.


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    Segment 4: What's in Your Financial "Junk Drawer"? (with Mike Mitchell)

    Segment begins at 30:48

    Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell offers an expert voice of wisdom in making proper decisions for sound retirement. This week, he shares the concept of economic efficiency and how it can significantly impact your retirement living.

    • Are you looking for ways to increase cash flow for retirement?
    • Cleaning up your financial "junk drawer" can reduce your cost of living
    • Economic efficiency can be learned and achieved in any retirement plan

    Call Mike Mitchell Toll-Free at 833-370-0777 With Your Retirement Questions

    Call 833-370-0777 to speak directly with Mike Mitchell about how you can experience a sound retirement.

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