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PODCAST: The Bull Case For Bitcoin

October 7, 2020


On this episode, longtime cryptocurrency investor Jerry Robinson shares his long-term bullish case for Bitcoin. In addition to sharing his Bitcoin investing thesis, he also shares his 2025 price target, his crypto investing rules, and many other important investing insights. In this episode, you can also enter for a chance to win a Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Listen in for the details!

Show Notes

Segment 1: Bitcoin Is Alive and Well


The Bull Case For Bitcoin

The media has pronounced Bitcoin dead 380 times since 2010, although it is the best-performing asset of the 21st century. Economist Jerry Robinson lays out the case for an incredible future for Bitcoin that’s hard to dismiss.

  • Why Bitcoin is likely to go higher in this ailing U.S. economy
  • Bitcoin is a radical, trustless system in a world of a trust-based model
  • My personal asset allocation for cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin is a novel economic institution
  • Bitcoin was created around 2009 as a computer code to solve a real problem
  • Bitcoin provides financial sovereignty
  • Only 21 million Bitcoin will be mined and its inflation rate is now lower than gold
  • Our personal “buy” zone for Bitcoin
  • Our 2025 price target
  • What about a Bitcoin ETF?
  • How I personally buy Bitcoin
  • My two steadfast cryptocurrency investing rules
  • An important word of caution

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Segment 2: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a pearl of wisdom from one of the most successful investors of our generation.

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