PODCAST: Bitcoin: The New Wild West

Bitcoin: The New Wild West

Bitcoin: The New Wild West
Welcome to Follow the Money Radio! In today’s broadcast, Christian economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson interviews entrepreneur and long-time bitcoin investor, Trace Mayer, about the huge advancements in Bitcoin technology and the latest developments designed to bring Bitcoin to the entire world. Also, Christian financial advisor, Mike Mitchell, explores how much you should be saving for retirement.  Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: Bitcoin: The New Wild West

Segment begins at 1:10

Veteran investor and teacher-at-heart Jerry Robinson opens today’s show with a recollection of his personal introduction to the cryptocurrency market and a fascinating perspective of its potential.

Topics include:

  • In 2010, one bitcoin was a mere seven cents!
  • The Blockchain technology nightmare for intermediary industries
  • Will we see Bitcoin priced at six or even seven figures?
  • Speculative Bitcoin investors today & speculative stock investors in the early 1900s

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Segment 2: An Interview with Trace Mayer on the Future of Bitcoin

Segment begins at 08:10

As an entrepreneur, innovator, and early adopter of Bitcoin, Trace Mayer, J.D. has been in-the-know on Bitcoin since its virtual infancy. Today, he educates us on the latest in Bitcoin technology and the unique, unprecedented, and “incredibly exciting” direction it is heading.

  • The times, they are a-changin’… and fast!
  • Why everyone should learn how to use Bitcoin
  • Why Bitcoin is here to stay
  • What?! No ISP necessary??
  • Poverty, property rights, and Bitcoin
  • The undeniable, irresistible attraction of nearly zero transaction fees

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Segment 3: How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement?

Segment begins at 23:09

In this brand new segment, Christian financial advisor, Mike Mitchell, invites us to consider these two important questions concerning our financial future:

  • How soon are you going to retire?
  • How long will you live in retirement?

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Segment 4: Trading Tip + Rising Above Political Arguments

Segment begins at 25:29

Jerry shares this week’s trading tip to increase your profits, and closes out today’s show with a sensitive, Christ-loving response to the negative emails he received following his interview with former neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini on last week’s podcast.

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