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PODCAST: Why I Am Bullish On Bitcoin In 2018

January 11, 2018


The famed investor Warren Buffett recently said that Bitcoin is in a bubble and will end badly for current investors. In this week's broadcast, long-time cryptocurrency investor Jerry Robinson examines Buffett's bearish claims and explains why he remains bullish on Bitcoin in 2018. Later, our 2018 price forecasts on gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Why I Am Bullish On Bitcoin in 2018 w/Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 00:40

On this very first podcast of 2018, Trading Coach, veteran Bitcoin investor, and teacher-at-heart Jerry Robinson examines the widespread lack of general knowledge about the revolutionary Blockchain technology, and explains the reasons behind his belief that cryptocurrencies are just getting started.

  • It’s official! We are now
  • The crucial need for diversification in this market environment
  • Timeless Wisdom: Don’t mix your politics with your trading
  • The current boom-and-bust nature of the cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin is merely the first application of the Blockchain technology
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain technology: The genie coming out of the bottle

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Segment 2: 2018 Precious Metals Price Forecasts w/Tom Cloud
Segment begins at 30:46

Celebrating their seventh year together on a mission to educate investors in the art of diversification, and the enduring value of gold and silver, forty-year veteran precious metals expert Tom Cloud shares with Jerry his 2018 outlook for four precious metals. Topics include:

  • GOLD: China’s unrelenting appetite for gold
  • Cryptocurrencies provide an incredibly compelling case for gold
  • SILVER: Why Tom is looking for a very good catch-up year for silver
  • PALLADIUM: Tesla is investing millions in solar panel production
  • PLATINUM: Platinum is 40 times rarer than gold
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Segment 3: It's Here... Our 2018 Top 10 Stock Portfolio
Segment begins at 53:59

How did your portfolio perform last year? Are you a trader that stays tethered to the market all day every day, trying to catch the right moment to buy and sell? Does searching for the right stocks overwhelm you and consume more time than you can spare? Here’s how you can take the headache (and churning stomach) out of your life.

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