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PODCAST: What’s Behind The Market Meltdown?

March 11, 2020


As U.S. and global stock prices continue to crater amid rising fears over the economic impact of the coronavirus, economist Jerry Robinson explains what's at stake and what may lie ahead. Later, he is joined by economist/professor/author Richard Wolff to discuss the current state of the financial markets and his new book: Understanding Marxism.

Show Notes

Segment 1: What's Behind the Market Meltdown?


With fears of the coronavirus hammering stock prices, economist Jerry Robinson examines the factors fueling the falling markets and the uncertain horizon ahead.

  • Yields have collapsed and another Fed interest rate cut is likely in March
  • Price discovery is hard to determine on rapidly falling stocks
  • The coronavirus is still wrapped in uncertainty
  • Trump’s proposal to temporarily cut payroll tax (to the tune of $1 trillion)
  • Trump’s proposal for bailouts

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April 18, 2020

Segment 2: An Interview with Professor/Author Richard Wolff


Highly-successful author, expert economist, and emeritus Professor Richard Wolff returns to our podcast to discuss the current market environment with Jerry. Also, he offers a fresh look at Karl Marx and socialism through his new book: Understanding Marxism.

  • Sanders has achieved a historic victory by breaking the taboo of socialism in the U.S.
  • On average in economic history, there is a downturn in capitalism every 4-7 years
  • A symbol of the imbalance in the U.S. is the inequality
  • Marxism is the critical shadow of capitalism
  • There is no reason to be afraid of the debate between capitalism and socialism
  • Marxism is the most developed accumulation of criticism – and is the “child” of capitalism
  • Much of what is perpetuated in Karl Marx’ name is a case of unintended consequences
  • The demonization of socialism is the fear that the leaders of capitalism won’t be the leaders of socialism

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Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a simple yet challenging way to view every day of our lives.

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