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Top Precious Metals Expert Reveals Investment Holdings

August 26, 2013 exclusive: Gold and silver expert, Tom Cloud, reveals his personal investment strategy. Jerry Robinson, host of Follow the Money Radio, conducts the interview.

Jerry Robinson: I think that most people sense that there is something very wrong in the economy. And, especially if you take a look at the stock market, it’s really manipulated by the Fed so much as are the bond markets as well as gold. As someone that has been doing this for so long, and has as much experience as you, what else are you buying besides precious metals? What are you doing in your own personal plan to protect against what you see coming? Are you focusing upon real estate and gold? Are you focusing on gold, silver, and oil? I mean, what are you focused on investment wise?

Tom Cloud: Well, Jerry, I’ve talked about some of this, and I don’t mind sharing. I’m kind of open when it comes to questions like that, but, besides gold and silver, where I still hold my largest percentages, I use the USO ETF for oil, and I’ve been very successful trading in and out of oil. I do like to use an ETF for oil. It’s not like gold and silver.

And, I’m very satisfied with my diamonds, as I can take them anywhere in the world. I probably have a higher percentage in diamonds than I would recommend for most people, but I’ve been around diamonds for 38 years, the year before I started acquiring gold and silver, and I know that market very well. They’re very affordable, and can be taken anywhere in the world. I want some of my assets in something like that. I’m always looking for great deals in diamonds.

I have structured a fixed income portfolio that my son manages that has a portion of my investments, but I have been liquidating most of those lately. I have a few left, but I have cut my exposure to bonds the last two months.

As you and I discussed earlier today, I have been investing in real estate, and I am selling one of the properties. I’m cutting my exposure a little bit til I see what these interest rates are going to do before I move back in fully besides the house that I live in. I think real estate could have a down period like stocks until inflation does finally show its ugly head at some point. Then, I think we are going to see gold and silver, and some stocks, and real estate all win in the end. On the way there, I’m being very careful.


Want to speak with Tom Cloud? Call him direct at (800) 247-2812




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