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PODCAST: The Hidden Tax of Inflation

February 23, 2022


Inflation is a stealth tax that doesn’t require legislation to work its destructive power on your finances. In this episode, learn how you can battle the ravaging effects of inflation through financial wisdom.

Show Notes

Segment 1: The Hidden Tax of Inflation


Economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson examines the real source of inflation and its vicious assault on purchasing power at every level.

  • The real source of inflation
  • If you had a $100 bill in 1913…
  • Inflation invisibly eats away at your savings – and requires no legislation
  • The Fed is Playing With Fire
  • Learn more about our P.A.C.E. investing strategy through our book and online in our Five Levels of Financial Freedom
  • One thing that you cannot afford to do in this current economic environment is live in ignorance

Segment 2: Four Powerful Strategies Against Rising Inflation


For four decades, financial advisor Mike Mitchell has helped people all across the country to achieve sound wealth management. In this special episode, host/trading coach Jerry Robinson is joined by Mike to discuss four specific and successful strategies to help manage soaring inflation in your finances.

  • The importance of a strategic financial plan
  • Inflation is a part of life that must be considered in any plan
  • Four powerful strategies against rising inflation
  • How can retirees cope with inflation?
  • It’s never too late to plan – take action now!
  • Do you have a financial planning question?
  • Contact Mike Mitchell at 833-370-0777 (toll-free)

Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with an ancient word of wisdom about the importance of being aware and prepared.

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