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Follow The Money Radio

PODCAST: Hard Asset Investing 101

September 29, 2021


What exactly are "hard" assets and do they deserve a place in your investment portfolio? In this latest episode of Follow the Money Radio, investor/author Jerry Robinson explains what hard assets are and provides several examples. He also discusses the benefits of owning them as long-term investments and shares his own experiences as a hard asset investor.
Later, we are joined by hard asset specialist, Tom Cloud, to learn an interesting new way to invest in hard assets.

Show Notes

Segment 1: What are Hard Assets?


In our era of funny money and monetary debasement, it is important to include assets in our investment portfolio that can protect our purchasing power from the eroding power of inflation. Historically, many hard assets have enjoyed a strong correlation with inflation, meaning that the value of hard assets tends to increase in times of rising inflation. Trading coach Jerry Robinson examines the value and importance of hard assets in today’s turbulent economy.

  • What is the definition of an asset?
  • Hard assets are tangible, a physical form that you can handle and touch
  • Soft assets are intangible, such as brand recognition, intellectual property, patents, etc. (even paper assets like stocks or bonds)
  • Examples of hard assets
  • The advantages of investing in hard assets
  • Many hard assets are prone to boom and bust cycles
  • Hard assets have historically offered inflation protection
  • How to get started in hard asset investing

Segment 2: Investing in Diamonds with Tom Cloud


As an expert in the diamond market, precious metals advisor Tom Cloud has sold millions of dollars of physical diamonds over the years. Recently, the hardest asset (diamonds) has become liquid thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Listen as Jerry and Tom discuss their new partnership with emerging diamond firm Icecap Diamonds. Icecap is revolutionizing the diamond industry by making it easier than ever to invest in and trade diamonds.

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Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a gentle yet firm reminder of the greatest investment that is freely available to everyone.

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