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PODCAST: Why Washington Fears Blockchain

July 17, 2019


Why does Washington fear the rise of blockchain technology? The answer is hidden in plain sight. Tune in this week to hear economist Jerry Robinson explain why lawmakers are fighting the advent of this new technology and where it could all ultimately lead.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Why Washington Fears Blockchain
Segment begins at 00:44

Why Washington Fears Blockchain
As Facebook makes the case before Congress for its new corporate currency, Libra, China has announced plans to release its own cryptocurrency. Add to that an acknowledgement of bitcoin’s value from the current Fed Chair, and it becomes clear that cryptocurrency’s landscape is shifting. Listen, as economist Jerry Robinson explains what’s really going on in the blockchain arena.

  • The US dollar is currently propped up by the petrodollar system
  • Washington is opposed to free market competition in the currency of the US
  • The US is borrowing $1+ trillion per year to have ‘the greatest economy ever’
  • Illicit and illegal trade was going on with US dollars long before the advent of bitcoin technology
  • The hash rate of the Bitcoin network just reached a new all-time high
  • Washington ultimately wants all-things-crypto to fit into their old and broken centralized systems
  • Is Facebook in bed with Washington?
  • Why China is watching Facebook intently
  • America’s ability to navigate new technology is slowly being eroded
  • How to protect your finances in this economic environment

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Segment 2: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 55:11

Jerry closes out today’s show with a 1968 quote from a former Fed Chair (before he assumed the office) in a speech promoting the idea of a gold standard to restrain government deficit spending.

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