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PODCAST: Welcome to the COVID-19 Economy

April 29, 2020


On this week's broadcast, economist Jerry Robinson explores the ongoing economic and political fallout from the global coronavirus pandemic along with some of the areas that could thrive economically in the post-pandemic world. Later, he provides his analysis on the incredible collapse of U.S. oil prices.

Show Notes

Welcome to the Covid-19 Economy

Segment 1: The Drowning U.S. Economy (and Politics)


Join economist Jerry Robinson as he explores the ongoing U.S. economic and political fallout from the global coronavirus pandemic.

  • Waking up the U.S. economy from an induced coma
  • Lack of preparation… the blame game is in full force in this election year
  • U.S. unemployment rate is around 20% and rising
  • The CBO forecasts that U.S. GDP will face its worst quarterly drop in history in Q2
  • Where is the free-market solution in the U.S. (the free market capitalist nation)?
  • Big government is making a huge comeback and the inequality gap is widening
  • The U.S. taxpayer just financed a massive corporate heist that not even his children will be able to pay

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Segment 2: The Historic Collapse of Oil Prices


Petrodollar expert Jerry Robinson provides his analysis on the unprecedented collapse of U.S. oil prices and why the U.S. is (not) responding to the economic attack.

  • Who started this oil price war that directly devastated the U.S. shale oil industry?
  • Where is President Trump’s predictable name-calling?
  • Why are there ZERO repercussions for Saudi Arabia? (Hint: Petrodollar)
  • Is America in the “fat Elvis” stage?
  • Risk managers grade nations on their ability to handle stress. How is America doing?
  • The stock market is running higher on hope while the economy is sinking on reality

Segment 3: Economic Survival with Covid-19


With a new Great Depression in the U.S. on the horizon, trading coach Jerry Robinson shares potentially profitable bright spots in the economy.

  • It takes 21 days to form a new habit; Americans are shifting their focus
  • Many people have learned to work at home comfortably
  • A love of cooking is being rekindled
  • Farming is back on the minds of people in rural communities
  • The rise of telemedicine
  • Gamers’ paradise as stay-at-home video gaming surges
  • Self-storage companies thrive as people downsize
  • Online education is booming
  • Multiple streams of income have never been more vital

Segment 4: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a reminder that history repeats itself and those who disregard lessons learned have resigned themselves and those they serve to suffer the same consequences.

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