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Income University

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Today, the average American family has just three income sources.
Even more shocking, the average American retiree relies upon only two income sources.

But did you know that there are actually 22 income streams that anyone can create both now and in retirement?

In these challenging and perilous economic times, it is more important than ever to diversify your income through the creation of MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

Introducing the Income University

In this highly unique online series of courses, you will learn the basics of all creating all 22 income streams. These courses are now in session.


Course 1
How to Maximize Your Social Security Check

Course 2
How to Maximize Your Pension Income

Course 3
How to Maximize Your 401k/403b Plan

Course 4
How to Maximize Your IRA for Retirement Income

Course 5
How to Create Dependable Income from Interest

Course 6
How to Create a Passive Monthly Income from the Stock Market

Course 7
An Introduction to Creating Rental Real Estate Income

Course 8
How to Create a Monthly Income from Real Estate (Without Being a Landlord!)

Course 9
How to Create a Lifetime Income with Trusts

Course 10
The Basics of Creating a Lifetime Income with an Annuity

Course 11
The Basics of Creating a Consistent Income with Life Insurance

Course 12
How to Create a Tax-Free Lifetime Income with a Reverse Mortgage

Course 13
The Best Part-Time Jobs for Supplemental Income

Course 14
How to Create an Income by “Renting Out” Your Stock Portfolio

Course 15
How to Create an Income as a Property Tax Investor

Course 16
How to Create an Immediate Income by Leveraging Other People’s Labor

Course 17
How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Course 18
How to Create a Lifetime Income with Direct Marketing

Course 19
The Basics of Creating an Income through Stock Trading

Course 20
How to Create a Monthly Cash Flow by Investing in Small Local Companies

Course 21
The Basics of Creating an Income with Royalties and Patents

Course 22
Create Massive Cash Flow by Selling Information


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