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Erdogan: Turkey Will Be the Architect of a New Middle East

December 3, 2014

I just recently watched an extremely interesting (and revealing) speech delivered by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in which he declared Turkey as the “hope of all peoples in the region,” adding that his country will be “the architect of a new Middle East.”

I have been watching Mr. Erdogan closely for several years. He is a champion of Turkish ambitions, which are currently running high. Recent headlines have reminded the world of the failure of the Sykes-Picot agreement (which coincided with the defeat and collapse of the Turkish-based Ottoman empire.) These are still fresh wounds in the minds of some modern Turks and others in the region.

Upon some investigation, I discovered that Mr. Erdogan’s speech was given on October 13, 2014 at Marmara University. After failing to locate the transcript for this speech online, I had our team create a full transcript of the speech, considering its importance.

Turkey is a member of NATO and a professed Western “ally.” But as this speech demonstrates, Turkey’s current president, Mr. Erdogan, is deeply opposed to Western powers and their long attempts at dividing the Middle East for gain. He also claims that the hope of the region rests upon Turkey, just like the former days of the Ottoman Empire.

Below I have provided a video that shows portions of the speech. It shows an emboldened Mr. Erdogan delivering statements such as:

“Do you think that those spending tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in order to bomb the region brought their planes and missiles for the sake of peace? Absolutely not. They are doing it in order to keep the oil wells under their control.”


“A hundred years ago, there were people who received lots of gold from the Western powers. They revolted against the Ottomans, and committed great treason against this region. A hundred years ago, there were spies in the Arabian Desert, aiming to destroy the Ottoman Empire, and they still exist today.”


“100 years ago, the Ottoman state was able to maintain this entire region in unity and harmony. Now, above all, we need to accept that 100 years later, the Republic of Turkey… is the only country that can ensure peace and stability in this region. Nobody should doubt this.”

Watch the video below…

Erdogan: Turkey the Hope of All Peoples in the Region, We Will Be the Architect of a New Middle East

FTM Insiders: We have provided you with the full transcript below.


“Since June, first as Prime Minister, and in the past two months as President, I have been trying to draw attention to the centennial of World War I.

I would especially like our universities to place focus on this important war. The Ottoman Empire – that is to say, Istanbul – was at the very center of this war.

Why was WWI so important? Why is the centennial of its outbreak so important? It is because this war shaped the Middle East of today, and, more importantly, was the spark that ignited all the crises and conflicts prevailing in our region today.

All the national borders of today in the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and North Africa were established on the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. This is very important…

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