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VIDEO: Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis

May 18, 2022

    Video Tutorial with Jerry Robinson

    There are two major approaches to stock analysis: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. 

    On this week’s live coaching call, I spent some time explaining the difference between these two approaches to stock analysis.

    Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the differences we discussed on the call.

    Both technical and fundamental analysis are powerful tools for anyone involved in the financial markets.

    While technical analysis focuses on analyzing data on the chart (price, volume, indicators, etc), fundamental analysis focuses on analyzing data from the company’s financial statements (revenue, EPS, margins, etc.)

    But perhaps the simplest way to sum up the difference is to say it this way:

    “Fundamental analysis helps you determine WHAT to buy while technical analysis helps you determine WHEN to buy.” 

    That’s why I teach the importance of incorporating both forms of analysis whether you are a trader or an investor.

    Investors that use fundamental analysis to discover undervalued stocks can also use technical analysis to determine an opportune entry point.

    Likewise, traders that rely on technical analysis to discover profitable entry points on the chart can also use fundamental analysis to determine which stocks are worth trading and likely to enjoy a sustained rally once they do reach an entry point. 

    I explain more about both forms of analysis in the above 12-minute video.

    Happy trading/investing!

    P.S. Platinum members, check out this video lesson I created a couple of years ago that shows you how to combine both technical and fundamental analysis to improve your investing and trading.

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