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Insurmountable Debt, Inflationary Pressures, and The Growing Economic Crisis

July 21, 2016

Listen to Tom Cloud's Investing Commentary
This week, precious metals advisor Tom Cloud explains how insurmountable global debt and inflationary pressures are impacting precious metals prices. Also, it’s time to prepare for supply issues with precious metals. Listen to this week’s entire precious metals market update with Tom Cloud.
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Tom Cloud’s Precious Metals Market Update (7/20/16)

Precious Metals Advisor Tom Cloud shares his latest insights on the market events impacting the price of gold and silver.

No End In Sight To Insurmountable Global Debt:

  • “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke recently visited Japan to help them solve their deflationary pressures by creating more money.
  • Inflation could lead Japan’s Central Bank, with the second most U.S. bonds, to liquidate up to $1.2 trillion.
  • With global debt at $100 trillion, US debt at $19 trillion, and no solution in sight except to reset to the standard, now is the time to consider gold and silver.
  • Major political, geopolitical, and economic changes are on the horizon. Sign up for Tom Cloud’s free email market alerts here.

Investing wisely at a time when we are approaching economic collapse is so important. Listen in to hear more.

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