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PODCAST: Gold Investing in 2018 (Plus, 3 Top Gold Mining Stocks To Watch)

April 12, 2018


Since the dawn of mankind, gold and silver have been valued as a store of wealth, a precious and costly gift, and the preferred form of money. In today's show, Christian economist Jerry Robinson is joined by veteran precious metals advisor Tom Cloud for his expert view of the bright and shining future of gold and silver.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Gold is Timeless w/Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 0:44

When it comes to money, gold is king. Trend trader and trading coach Jerry Robinson explains why gold’s position in the precious metals market is – and always has been – rock solid.

  • Gold has a certain kind of psychology feel
  • The Biblical view of gold
  • Gold is a unique kind of metal
  • The fiat graveyard of currencies

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Segment 2: An Interview with Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud
Segment begins at 9:00

With over 42 years of experience under his belt, precious metals expert Tom Cloud shares with host and long-time gold investor Jerry Robinson why he believes gold will soon be used as money again, and brings us promising good news for the metals markets.

Segment 3: Three Top Gold Mining Stocks to Watch
Segment begins at 39:28

In this segment, trend trader Jerry Robinson names 3 of our top 10 SmartScore ranked gold mining stocks, potentially poised to break out in the next gold rally, along with their current price targets.  (NOTE:  Always do your own due diligence and consult a trusted financial advisor before making any financial decisions!)

  • Gold Corp Inc. (GG) engages in the operation, exploration, development, and acquisition of precious metals properties
  • Royal Gold Inc. (RGLD) is a very unique streaming company that finances mines
  • IAMGOLD (IAG) is a mid-tier gold miner, a less expensive way to gain access to the coming gold mining rush

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Segment 4: The Final Word
Segment begins at 46:20

Jerry closes out today’s show with a friendly “nudge” (courtesy of Walt Disney) for wishers and dreamers that need a little help getting started on the path to success.

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