‘Best Of’ Podcast: Trade with the ‘Smart’ Money

'Best Of' Podcast: Trade with the Smart Money

BEST OF PODCAST: How to Trade with the Smart Money
Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow the Money Radio! In this special “best of” broadcast, we dip into the podcast archives in which Jerry Robinson outlines our proprietary SmartScore Ranking System, created to identify which stocks are capturing the “smart” money. Later, a highly illuminating interview with American businessman and best-selling author, Robert Kyosaki. Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: From the Archives: Are You SmartScore Savvy?

Segment begins at 01:10

“Smart” investors (e.g., institutions and corporate insiders) often tend to be ahead of the curve and can definitely drive the trend. Veteran trend researcher, Jerry Robinson, spent many years developing the SmartScore Ranking System, designed to reveal where the “smart” money is flowing in the stock market. In this ‘best of’ replay segment, he unveils SmartScore’s seven key criteria:

1) New Institutional buying
2) Existing Institutional buying
3) High profitability (Net Income)
4) High/Stable Earnings per Share (EPS)
5) Low Total Liabilities
6) Strong Corporate Insider buying
7) High Quarterly EPS Estimates

With a current focus on Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and gold and silver mining stocks, Jerry shares some SmartScore’s top rankings for August 2016 in this segment replay. (Note: These rankings may not still be current.) For continued access to current SmartScore rankings, become a member here. Members get access to these ongoing “smart” money rankings each weekend in our Weekend Briefing. Download a free issue of the Weekend Briefing.

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Segment 2: An Interview with Robert Kyosaki

Segment begins at 19:30

In this segment, Jerry interviews best-selling author and the founder of the Rich Dad Company, Robert Kiyosaki. In his book, Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World, Robert challenges America's cultural economic/financial mindset, as he endeavors to "plant seeds of wisdom into young minds." Topics include:

  • First and foremost: Money is debt!
  • The powerhouse of phantom cash flow
  • The tax system is based upon incentives
  • The tremendous lack of financial education in schools
  • Why it's crucial to reconstruct our mindset about money
  • "The rich don't work for money"
  • The indispensable value of a mentor who is successful
  • The critical importance of continual personal education

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Segment 3: The Final Word

Segment begins at 43:35

Jerry closes out today's show with two thought-provoking quotes: One from Christian Theologian C.S. Lewis, and the other from the eternally-relevant Word of God.

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