PODCAST: Marc Faber: Trump Will Beg Fed For QE4

Marc Faber: Trump Will Beg Fed For QE4

Marc Faber: Trump Will Beg Fed For QE4
Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow the Money Weekly Radio! In this week’s broadcast, Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the market sentiment amid the incoming Trump Administration, and is joined by Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”. Also, precious metals expert Tom Cloud has highly informative news about Asia.> Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: Hello, President Donald Trump!

Segment begins at 01:50

In this segment, Jerry shares his economic outlook, as President-elect Trump officially takes the helm on Friday, and reveals some staggering statistics regarding bank and media powerhouses. Highlights include:

  • Exploding uranium prices
  • The cheapest form of energy: solar power
  • The (predictable) about-face of the political pundits
  • Banks “Too Big to Fail”
  • “Fake news”… will the real news ever stand up?
  • The media’s profound and deeply disturbing influence
  • MEMBERS ONLYComing soon – Our 7 favorite solar energy stocks for 2017!

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Segment 2: An Interview with Contrarian Marc Faber

Segment begins at 17:12

In this segment, Jerry visits with world-renowned contrarian investor Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report" and Director of Marc Faber Limited, which acts as an investment advisor and a fund manager. Among the key points:

  • The exceptional performance of the S&P 500 under President Obama
  • Are we closer to the top or the bottom of the market?
  • The immense popularity of indices/ETFs
  • Is Trump merely posturing with China?
  • Will Trump create prosperity for everyone ... or just the corporations?
  • The Contrarian Investment Philosophy explained
  • Marc's Contrarian bet right now!

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The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report

Segment 3: The Precious Metals Market Update

Segment begins at 43:10
Tom Cloud

With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud brings us his perspective of what lies ahead for gold and silver. Topics include:

  • "Swelling" volume of money flowing into Asia
  • Asia's escalating desire for metals in grams
  • Surging worldwide demand for physical gold
  • Continuing mass rotation out of bonds
  • Owning gold as a fixed income investment

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