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PODCAST: Investing in the New Economy

July 15, 2020


Technology stocks have led the historic bull market rally after the sharp and sudden market crash earlier this year. On this podcast, economist and trading coach Jerry Robinson shares five technology ETFs that have led the market comeback and why they are soaring.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Investing in Future Technologies with ETFs


Investing in the New Economy

Tech stocks are soaring in 2020 as the public health crisis has forced humanity to rely more on innovative technologies than perhaps ever before. One of the simplest, and most powerful, ways to gain investment exposure to stocks in the technology sector is through ETFs, or exchange-traded funds. We are helping our members profit from the current tech boom with our proprietary Trailblazer Technology ETF Model Portfolio, which tracks new uptrends and downtrends among 30 cutting-edge technology ETFs. (Members receive weekend trading alerts by email.)

Economist/trading coach Jerry highlights five of the high-tech ETFs in this unique uptrend portfolio (in order of performance) during this segment and examines why they have taken a sweeping lead in this new economic environment.

These five tech ETFs are highlighted in this segment:

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July 25, 2020

Segment 2: Washington's $5 Trillion Spending Spree


Economist Jerry Robinson reports on the breathtaking speed that the U.S. is diving into unfathomable debt, and cautions traders about trading without a plan and trading politics.

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Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show by sharing a personal experience that reminds us to appreciate the gift of life.

Segment 4: Podcast Transcript


Friends, welcome to you all around the world, welcome to Follow the Money Radio, so grateful to have you here along for the ride this week. As you heard, my name is Jerry Robinson. I’m the founder of, a website that is replete with lots of information. We have archived podcasts on the topic of the economy with great guests we’ve had over the years and the great topics we’ve covered.

If you’re new to investing or you’re learning about trading or maybe cryptocurrencies, the economy in general, the dollar. fiat currencies – all of this we have been covering for a decade now right here at I’m also the author of a book called Bankruptcy of Our Nation. You can find that at all fine bookstores, also on Amazon, or right here on our website So today, what I want to do with this podcast is, I want to talk about investing in the new economy. And what do I mean by the new economy? Do I say that everything is different now, that suddenly everything is new? Well, when we look at the current crisis that we’re in, this public health crisis that we have been facing globally, we see the market, of course, cratered in February and March. And out of the ashes of that crash, we began to see certain sectors of the market really begin to rebound more ferociously than others. And the one that really caught most people’s attention, of course, has been technology. Technology is just driving the current economy this year, of course, also the health care sector. But technology, in particular, has really enabled the 21st-century economy not to be so hobbled by our inability to get together, right? So technology makes it possible for us to talk online.

We can see each other through video. It also enables powerful healthcare solutions, it enables different kinds of autonomous and A.I. types of solutions for other types of technology. So what we have here is a dawning of many new technologies and existing technologies that people are relying upon perhaps now more than ever in this current environment where it’s difficult to be face to face in this public health crisis. And so today, what I want to do is I want to share with you the success of some of the ETFs that have done very well in this current environment. So about a year, year and a half ago, we launched a brand new service for our members here at Follow the Money and it is called the Trailblazer Tech ETF Model Portfolio. And what I did was I sat down and I went over many different technologies that you could get access to through ETFs. ETFs are, of course, exchange-traded funds. They trade like stocks. They’re like mutual funds, but they’re not a mutual fund, and they give you the ability to trade a basket of stocks in a particular area. So a technology ETF would focus upon technology stocks. It would be a basket of technology stocks. And that’s exactly what the Trailblazer ETF Model Portfolio is all about here for our members. And so we track, you know, 20 to 30 different innovative cutting edge technology ETFs.

And today, what I want to do in this podcast entitled “Investing in the New Economy,” is I want to share with you what some of the biggest gainers have been in this portfolio and kind of drill down a little deeper on these ETFs and perhaps explain what’s behind the moves we’re seeing in technology. So, as I mentioned, the Trailblazer Technology ETF Model Portfolio is something that we’ve created for our members. And every weekend, this is something I noticed from interacting with our members over the years, is that many traders really want a weekend trend alert service. And that’s really what we have created here. Every weekend our members receive any ETFs that we track and we track, you know, probably a little more than 100 hundred ETFs in different areas, global ETFs. We also track what we call P.A.C.E. We have a P.A.C.E. Model Portfolio. It’s an acronym P for Precious Metals, A for agriculture, C for commodities, and E for energy. And then we also have our Trailblazer Tech ETF. We have many other services. But just focusing upon this weekend ETF Uptrend Alert Service. That’s what we noticed that many of our members were seeking. And so we created that. And when we look back now and we take a look at the Trailblazer ETF performance for 2020, we see some monster gains.


I mean, really, really quite monster gains because technology has been where all of the money has been flowing as investors are speculating on this market. They’re moving in, many day traders are now driving stock prices higher. The Fed has committed to backing up the stock market publicly, even if it creates moral hazard. They’re trying to insulate Wall Street from any kind of economic reality. And so right now, we look at the technology space and we see a lot of gains. What I want to do on today’s show is I want to highlight about five of these ETFs that are in this Model Portfolio that have really done well. And I want to drill down a little bit deeper on them because these are technologies that I think are going to be around for a long time. But also, it’s something that, you know, we can all learn from right here. These are many new technologies that are literally just driving our 21st century. They’re really changing the way that we live. And so let’s just begin. Let’s just drill down into some of these big gainers that we’ve seen. And let’s talk about how people are investing in this new economy through these technologies. Let’s name about five here in this segment. So let’s focus on the very first one.


That’s genomics, the genomics industry. Now, if you’re not familiar with genomics, you might be familiar with the CRISPR technology where they’re doing gene editing and sequencing of DNA. It’s very, very, you know, interesting stuff. Very, very powerful. And there is a particular ETF we use to get access to the genomic revolution. And that ticker symbol is ARKG. That’s the ARC Genomic Revolution ETF. And right now, that’s the leading performer in our Trailblazer ETFs. So we sent an uptrend alert to all of our members on April 17th and we said genomics, and particularly this genomics ETF ARKG, is entering a new uptrend. And the price was around thirty-seven dollars on April 17th. The price has since risen twenty dollars. It’s up to fifty-seven dollars now as we record this podcast and that ETF has delivered a 54% gain since April 17th. So we’re talking 54% in three months. So what’s behind this? Well, of course, health care is a huge area right now, of course, with the public health crisis that we face. And this particular ETF that we use focuses upon CRISPR. It focuses on gene editing. It focuses on targeted therapeutics, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, stem cells, agricultural biology, which is very popular. And, you know, it offers a really nice way to get access to many of these innovative genomics stocks without having to drill down into each one of these stocks and figure out which one might be the best performer over time.


And so this particular ETF, I’m looking at the top 10 holdings here, and there are some companies that you would certainly recognize. Illumina ticker symbol ILMN. That’s in the top 10. Also, there’s CRISPR therapeutics ticker symbol, CRSP. There’s also, well, there are several other companies. And in fact, you can always look up any of these ETFs and go to the actual issuer’s website and you can see the top 10 holdings. You can see the performance, you can see the fund documents. But a really incredible run here. We have seen 54% since April 17th. That’s the winner right now in our Trailblazer Tech ETF Portfolio. And it’s hard not to imagine that genomics is not going to play ana even bigger role as we move forward into the 21st century. So when we talk about investing in the new economy, you really can’t leave out the growing demand for solutions in agricultural biology and just in general, the genomic space. right? The genomics space is booming right now. So this is one ETF that we have been using. Now, there are many ETFs in this portfolio that we’re talking about. Many. But I want to focus on the ones that have just really shined in this current environment.


Another one that I want to focus upon here is the second-best performer in this Model Portfolio is the Emerging Markets Technology ETF ticker EMQQ. So this is the emerging markets Internet and E-commerce ETF. And this is just a very interesting space. If you look at the top 10 holdings in this particular ETF, you’ll find that it’s highly weighted towards China. But listen to some of the names and you’ll certainly recognize them. Alibaba ticker symbol BABA is the top holding. Tencent Holdings, many people are very familiar with Tencent. We’ve been talking about that one for a long time. Pinduoduo, that’s PDD ticker symbol. Mercado Libre, which is actually not based in China, but it is an emerging market juggernaut, to say the least. NetEase, which has been one of the top-ranked stocks in China here at Follow the Money when we rank stocks.  NetEase ticker symbol NTES, it’s been one of the top leaders for I don’t know how long. Baidu is also in this particular ETF. So there’s really an amazing thing happening in the emerging markets space. Annual consumption in emerging markets is just through the roof. It’s one of the biggest growth opportunities in the history of capitalism. I mean, just bar none, we see smartphones are becoming affordable and we see that mobile and Wi-Fi, broadband Internet access are surging across this space.


And there is just a lot happening in the emerging markets when it comes to technology. So EMQQ provides investors with pretty darn good access to this space. And so far we called an uptrend for this and we issued it to our members on April the 24th. So every Friday we actually sit down and look at all of the trends and then we issue these alerts over the weekend for our members. We issued an uptrend alert on the Emerging Markets Technology ETF EMQQ back on the 24th of April at around thirty-four dollars and it’s up about 45% again during that same timeframe. So in around three months, maybe just a little bit less, EMQQ has soared. 45%. Now, this is a space that we don’t see slowing down in the 21st century, right, even this decade. Emerging markets are going to continue to see growth and they’re going to certainly continue to see growth in the technology space, undoubtedly, so this one is very well positioned. So that’s the second one. The third one at the top of our Model Portfolio right now. Number three, as far as returns go since we’ve issued the alerts, is the China Internet ETF. This is one of my favorites.


This is issued by KRAIN shares. And the ticker symbol is KWEB. I call it KWEB and it’s a China Internet ETF. Through this ETF, you get access to Chinese Internet companies that provide similar services like Google or Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon. And because there’s this ongoing increasing domestic consumption of these types of services in China, and of course, with a growing middle class in China, which is also a huge story, you know, this ETF has really been well-positioned to take advantage of the rise of Internet demand and Internet consumption in China. So we issued an uptrend alert on KWEB to our members back on April the 17th. It was trading for about 48 dollars and 50 cents. Since then, it has risen 38%. And KWEB, of course, has some major names listed in the top 10 holdings. Let me just give you a few again, Alibaba, Tencent,, Bilibili, that’s ticker symbol BILI, TAL Education, which is a really powerful online education stock TAL. We like some other ones even more. I like GSX, for example, GSX has been on our list for a long time. GSX Tech ticker EDU. And then others, also Alibaba Health in the top 10 holdings of this particular ETF.


So there are many, many, many ways to get exposure to this space, but all packaged into one ETF right here with KWEB. So KWEB is the third-best performer right now in our Trailblazer Model Portfolio over the last three months, we’ve just seen really big gains. Let’s move on to the fourth ETF that I want to talk about, and that one is the First Trust Cloud Computing ETF. This ticker symbol is SKYY. This one should not be a surprise that it would be doing well here, especially since its top holding is and has soared to maybe three thousand dollars. Now, I can still remember going on and on about being a forever stock in our portfolio back at our 2016 Follow the Money Summit. I had bought some for my two boys and it was just one of these stocks that I said, you know, Amazon is not going anywhere. It’s going to be here. And it’s incredible to see Amazon now above $3000. It was trading at about four or five hundred back then at the time. So Amazon has really done well, but it’s cloud computing in particular. You know, this has been something we’ve all been hearing about for a long time. It’s really been a good space to be in, as far as an investor, over the last several years. But SKYY, we issued an uptrend alert on SKYY back on April the 17th.


So we watch these markets and, you know, think back to April. It was right after the big crash in February and March. And many of these, you know, most stocks were just down in the dumps. But we began to see tech stocks just really beginning to take off. So we alerted our members to this. And since the uptrend alert on April 17th on Sky, the cloud computing ETF, we’ve seen it rise from about sixty dollars to about seventy-four dollars. That represents about a 24% gain, you know, in about three months. Cloud computing obviously makes a lot of sense here because many of us are not able to go into the office or many of us are not able to, you know, get together and visit.


And so, you know, the cloud is really empowering commerce today. It’s really empowering much more so perhaps than ever. Alibaba is in this list, Microsoft is also in this ETF, Oracle, Alphabet which is Google’s new name, Fastly. If you’ve seen Fastly, they’ve been also moving very quickly. Ariston Networks. You know, these are some pretty common names. These are the companies that are in SKYY, so sometimes if you’re saying, you know, I’d like to invest in some of these stocks, but I don’t know which one, that’s where ETFs can really come in, you know, come into play. You can get access or exposure to these companies and actually hold them in a basket but have exposure to the ETF and the ETF, because it’s diversified with many holdings, it’s much less prone to a single stock shock or a single stock risk, right?


It can be difficult. Especially if you’re doing a lot of do-it-yourself investing and you’re not real keen on the fundamentals, ETFs can really make a big difference. So SKYY has been raging and we expect that cloud computing is going to continue to be a beneficiary here in this space. One more I want to talk about. And by the way, there are many others. We have blockchain ETFs, robotics ETFs, biotechnology ETFs, cybersecurity ETFs, exponential tech, internet of things, mobile payments, and medical breakthroughs.


Now all of that is in our Trailblazer ETF Model Portfolio and we issue weekend trader alerts whenever we see a new uptrend in this space, which is really good for traders, but also good for investors who are just waiting for an uptrend. But let me just talk about one more before we close out the segment, and that is the Solar Energy ETF TAN.


It’s probably no secret if you’ve been around, Follow the Money for some time, we are big bulls in the solar energy space. I wrote a report on the solar energy space and listed our seven top favorite stocks back in 2017 for our members with that list of stocks. It’s just simply incredible what those stocks have done over the last several years. Solar energy is here to stay. I mean, there’s just no doubt about it.


And in fact, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency, the IEA, renewable energy, not just solar, but renewable energy capacity, is expected to expand by 50% over five years, between 2019 and 2024. And solar capacity alone accounts for 60% of that projected growth. So solar energy is really making a lot of headway. It’s on the rise and the way we get exposure to the solar space without investing directly in solar stocks, although we do like to do that, if you want to just get broad exposure to the space, there’s the Invesco Solar Energy ETF and that ticker symbol is TAN. Let me tell you some of the names that you might recognize in this list. If you’re into solar stocks, SolarEdge is the top holding in this particular ETF ticker symbol SEDG. This is an Israeli based firm we actually listed in our 2017 report, you know, many years ago and we’ve seen this stock just soar. It’s been incredible. Sunrun, ticker symbol RUN. That’s the second top holding First Solar FSLR. That’s the third top holding in that ETF. Enphase Energy and Vivint Solar and several others, Canadian Solar. All in the top 10 there. So TAN gives us nice exposure to the solar energy space, which we believe is going to continue to do well. In fact. it’s too early to know who exactly is going to win the 2020 election, but we did see earlier this week Vice President Joe Biden made the comment and unveiled a brand new investment into renewable energy for the United States with really ambitious goals, but a really big push for solar energy adoption here in the United States. And that’s really what we’ve lacked, I think, here in the United States for solar and renewable is kind of a political will to, you know, give some room to these renewable energy producers as opposed to big oil and big coal, and, you know, all of this. There’s a lot of money in lobbying that goes on that tries to prevent these new upstart renewable energy firms from gaining market share. But we’re slowly seeing that change, especially as some of the big majors get into the renewable space. So there are still some tough roads ahead for solar. You know, right now, the cost of rooftop solar is probably still a little cost-prohibitive for some, even though prices have come down dramatically. Power storage also has been a little tough topic for solar energy. It’s improving constantly. You know we also see that solar panels are just changing and they’re just evolving. And so, you know, what solar panels will look like 20 years from now is probably different from what they are now, as far as some of the new novel types of techniques they’re using. So solar is just a really interesting space. We’re very bullish on the future of renewable energy. 

We like to use TAN for the solar energy space and we issued an uptrend alert to our members on May 8th., and that was for solar energy ticker symbol TAN when it was trading for about 32 dollars at the time. It’s since risen to about 43.50. That’s a 35% increase in the solar energy ETF, just since May 8th. That’s like a little over two months. So lots of things are happening in the technology space. Now, technology is not the only thing that we like. We focus on many other things here. And our members are updated about different topics. We’ve just recently been talking about cannabis stocks because we’re beginning to start to see those beginning to recover and beginning to improve, we expect, especially with earnings coming up. Now, mining stocks, we’ve been all over mining stocks and many of our mining stocks have done very, very well in this current run. And there are many other spaces that we focus on, cryptocurrencies, much of this. But our Trailblazer ETF Model Portfolios just don’t get a whole lot of attention on this podcast. So I wanted to highlight for you, especially those of you who are members, the value of that very powerful weekend trend alert service. And if you’re not currently a member and you say, listen, this sounds pretty good, I’d like to receive these emails about when you’re buying these ETFs when they enter uptrends and adding them to your Model Portfolio, it’s simple. Just go to and get instant access to the entire portfolio, but then also get access to the ongoing uptrend alerts.


Now, when these ETFs eventually end their uptrend, we will also tell you when they enter downtrends. And so we’re really trend followers here at Follow the Money. So we don’t really marry a stock. We don’t really marry an ETF. We don’t marry an industry. We wait for the trend to confirm and then we enter. When the trend is no longer intact, when the uptrend stops, we’re not interested anymore. We’re looking for uptrends and we constantly look for uptrends and we alert our members to those uptrends. So Tech has been king after the crash here. How long will it continue? Will we continue to see tech rise? Well, if we do, we’re going to continue seeing big gains in this Model Portfolio. But if we don’t, if we see tech begin to bend over, then some of these will begin to come out of the Model Portfolio and then the next rally we’ll have to issue those uptrend alerts again. So wash, rinse, and repeat. It’s basically how it all works. So once again, if you’re a member and you want to see the Trailblazer ETF Model Portfolio, simply go to And if you want to become a member and actually get access to this Model Portfolio, just go to, choose a plan, get signed up today, become part of our community and let us help you in this very difficult time to make sense of what we see in the markets, what we see in the crypto space, what we see in the economy.


We’re here to help and we’re grateful to serve. And I sure hope this bit of information has been helpful to you.


And Follow the Money returns after this.


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All right, friends, welcome back to the broadcast. Great to have you here. Before we bring our podcast to a close, I just want to make a few more comments.


First of all, I don’t know if you saw this, but the United States in the month of June – we’re in the month of July right now, as we speak July 2020 – but in the month of June, we now have heard from the Treasury Department that the federal government has spent $864 billion with a B in the month of June.


In the month of June… right? So in a 30 day time period, the government has spent $864 billion. Now go back to April, and we see another $700+ billion spent in a 30-day time period. According to the Treasury, over the last 9 months, the U.S. federal government in Washington, not the states, just the U.S. government itself, Washington itself, has spent $5 trillion in 9 months. The government has spent $5 trillion in 9 months. Now my comment here is just basically this, maybe a two-fold comment: a) Where are the fiscal conservatives right now, right? Where are the people telling us that this is unsustainable? Where are the people telling us that this is going to bankrupt our country? Where are the people telling us we can’t afford this? Where are the people asking how we’re going to pay for this, right? I want you to notice that they’re nowhere to be found. And it’s important that you know that because I predict that within less than a year, many people, not everybody, but many people are going to begin talking about this and talking about how difficult it is. I think this is very bullish for gold. I think it’s very bullish for silver, as we’ve already seen. But I think the more people begin to talk about it, the more bullish it will become for gold and for silver and for other types of commodities that are priced in U.S. dollars. This is very bearish for the United States dollar, for the government to spend this much money. It’s incredible amounts of money, right? So we have witnessed over the last few months the largest billionaire bailout in world history. We’ve never seen anything of the kind. And so it’s incredible that we have so much money being spent and so little in the way of pushback from the usual suspects, right? The usual suspects. Remember back in 2010 when the national debt was around 10 trillion dollars? You know, many people were outraged. That was just too much. It was going to bankrupt the country. It was, you know, bad for our grandkids. Fast forward to today. The national debt’s at $26.5 trillion. And there’s crickets. Nobody’s even talking about it, are they? Isn’t that strange? Do you find that strange? Well, it’s not really. It’s just very common when the Republicans are in power, they tend to not talk about the national debt. They tend to spend and spend and spend and spend. But when they get out of power, they tend to talk about the,  what? The national debt and the outrageous spending levels, right? And about how the Democrats are going to bankrupt the country, right? Well, what I want you to see is that, in this environment, we can’t afford to be political, friends. We can’t afford to do this. We have to focus upon, we have to keep our eyes on the ball here. And the United States has got itself into a massive, massive problem. And unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any political will to even just discuss the billionaire bailout. No one even really wants to bring up the fact that Warren Buffett has been given money from taxes from you and I. The bottom 80% of taxpayers are bailing out Warren Buffett, right? Of all times, it’s incredible.


I wrote about this topic in my book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation. And I encourage you, if you’ve never picked up a copy of our book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation, it has never been more relevant than now. I mean, this is the hour for this topic. Now, I know it’s going to come later. I know that over the next six to 12 months, we’re probably going to see a rise in this topic. But we aren’t hearing it now. And that’s the point that I want to make in this podcast. We’re not hearing it. Now, we’re not hearing about the national debt now. We’re not hearing about the five trillion dollars spent over the last nine months now. We’re not hearing about how we’re going to pay for it now. And I want you to know that. I want you to think about that because as an investor, and as a trader, you can’t afford to be caught flat-footed and you can’t afford to trade your politics. You’ve got to be smart. You’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on. And certainly in this environment, you know, we are running straight for a brick wall if we ever have. It’s incredible, the breathtaking pace at which we are spending taxpayer money and the bill is going to come due. This coming tax tsunami is going to be enormous. And if you don’t have a plan in this environment, if you don’t have a financial plan, I want to encourage you to reach out to us, because we have assembled a team of advisers who are aware of what’s going on. They’re aware of this coming tax tsunami, and they are helping individuals just like you prepare to help them, to help them to prepare for that coming tax wave. And, you know, the way you can do this is by setting up some tax-free strategies in retirement. And if you are interested in learning more about those or if you want to have a free consultation with one of our Christian advisors that we have in our Christian Advisor Referral Service, all of our financial advisors have been in the business for at least 40 plus years, and they’re all veterans of what they do and they all love to serve. So if we can help you in any way in this environment, the writing’s on the wall. It’s time to prepare. And if you don’t have a financial plan, you want to get yourself together, a financial plan, prepare for retirement, lessen taxes and retirement, do whatever you can, contact us. You can do it a few ways.


You can go to and there you’ll find a free online form you can just complete. You can also e-mail us at and just say, hey, I heard about your Christian advisor referral.I’d like to be put in touch with the Christian financial advisor. We will do that. It’ll empower you. It’ll educate you. And at the very least, you can get a second opinion upon what you are currently doing in your own financial plan.


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All right, welcome back to the concluding moments here at Follow The Money Radio. Grateful to have you here. Don’t forget, we have our Trend Trading Bootcamp coming up on July 25th. There’s still time to register. Go to and get all the details. But if you want to learn how to trade this market, if you want to learn how to trade for profits and trend trade, specifically, just like we do here at Follow the Money, you want to be a part of this all-day event. It’s a huge training event. We do. And this 2020 Trend Trading Bootcamp is going to be very powerful. I would encourage you to learn more about it by going to and you can learn how you can become a better trader with our Trend Trading Bootcamp. Well, friends, that brings us to the end of our broadcast. And as always, I like to leave you with a final word. This time, I just want to share something personal with you. I got a call a few days ago. It was a call I didn’t want to receive.

It’s a call that none of us want to receive. And it was that a close family member had passed and it caused me grief, of course. Any of us who lose a family member, it can be so difficult and so devastating. But it made me think of something and it made me think of you, our listeners. It made me want to share something with you. It made me want to tell you that the path that you’re on right now, it’s going to all come to an end one day. And that path has an end. And so few of us think about that, especially when we’re young. We just don’t think that the path could ever come to an end. We see ourselves as invincible. But the truth is, is that the path you’re on will one day end. And I just want to challenge you today with just the question of, are you maximizing each day? Are you taking advantage of the beautiful gift of life each and every day? Because one day our life on this earth will be gone and it’ll be over. There’ll be no more do-overs. It’ll be it.

Have you said what you want to say to those you love? Have you forgiven those who need to be forgiven? Have you asked for forgiveness from those who need to forgive you?

That’s just something to think about. Remember, friends, when you want the truth about the global economy, just follow the money. Have a safe and prosperous week and we’ll see you right back here next time. Until then, God bless.

DISCLAIMER: All of the information contained on the Follow the Money podcast is strictly for informational and educational purposes. It should not be construed as specific investment advice. The views and opinions of our guests and sponsors, including Tom Cloud, are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of or Robinson Media Group LLC. Jerry Robinson does hold an insurance license and at times may offer consulting on life insurance and fixed retirement income products. Follow-up individualized responses to e-mail or phone requests that involve the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation will not be made absent compliance with state investment adviser registration requirements or an applicable exemption or exclusion and applicable insurance regulations. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You should be aware of the real risk of loss and following any strategy or investment discussed on the podcast. Remember, never do your financial planning through podcast or radio. It’s your money. Be wise. Do your due diligence and always consult a trusted financial professional before making any financial decisions. 

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