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Global Economic Outlook 2013: The Return of Volatility

June 15, 2013

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SHOW NOTES – Global Economic Outlook 2013: The Return of Volatility

Plus, part one of our Social Security Myths series



Global Economic Outlook 2013: Economies Under Pressure + Listener Questions


In Segment One, Jerry discusses the latest in the global news. The topics include:

  • The global economic outlook under pressure
  • Real Estate: What are the best places to invest? What is happening to mortgage rates?
  • China and Russia begin a military joint training experiment
  • The PRISM scandal – What Jerry thinks about the government invading our privacy
  • The latest news out of the Federal Reserve and how it is impacting stock markets


Next, Jerry answers three listener questions:

1. How much should I contribute to my retirement account?

2. Did China and France drop the U.S. dollar? (Jerry explains the significance of these events.)

3. Why are gas prices still around $4 a gallon when the price of a barrel of oil has dropped significantly?

If you would like Jerry to answer your question on the air (or off the air), there are two ways to submit your question:

  • Call Our Q-Line at (800) 609-5530, press option #3 (be sure to state your name and city)
  • Submit your question via email by clicking here


Ask Jerry


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Precious Metals Market Update – Tom Cloud

Later, Tom Cloud discusses the metal that people are asking about most lately: palladium. Tom remains extremely bullish on palladium, but expects another pullback by July. Gold is about to enter its “seasonal” time during which it has gone up three months in a row historically (July, August, September). European sources are saying that gold shorting is coming down heavily, and gold may be at the bottom. Silver is still hovering around its bottom line, near $21.50. Listen to Tom’s full discussion in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.






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John Bearss – Retirement Specialist

John Bearss - Retirement Income to Last a Lifetime - Annuities and Life InsuranceNine out of ten Americans age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits. But should you rely too heavily upon Social Security for your retirement income? Over the next couple of weeks, John Bearss shares some Myths and Facts about Social Security benefits. Listen as John explains the first myth: Social Security will provide most of the income you need in retirement.

Read this week’s Retirement Minute with John Bearss >>

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