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What Traders Can Learn from Bernard Baruch

September 9, 2016


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What Traders Can Learn From Bernard Baruch

Topics Covered on this video conference call (in order)

  • What Traders Can Learn from Bernard Baruch. Jerry Robinson profiles one of the most influential men of his time both on Wall Street and in Washington. You would probably be surprised by how many famous quotes came from Baruch!
  • SmartScore FAQs Answered. The purpose of the SmartScore Rankings is to identify which stocks are the most attractive to the big, institutional money based on our 7 SmartScore criteria.
  • 4 Major Bubbles That ‘Need’ to Burst. Learn the four ultra-frothy markets from which traders may want to begin taking profits, including:
    • Two markets you are probably invested in if you have a 401(k)
    • A hot, innovative industry that has made many traders big profits


Member Questions Answered on Today’s Video

  1. How low do you keep your stop loss on your corporate bond fund position ( get the specific ETF details within the video)?
  2. Can you provide your analysis on the Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ)?
  3. Can you provide your analysis on Southwestern Energy Company (SWN)?
  4. Why do you think Twitter (TWTR) has pulled back recently?
  5. In your opinion, is a short play on Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) a good idea right now?


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