PODCAST: The Age of Debt

The Age of Debt

The Age of Debt
Welcome to Follow the Money Radio! With $20+ trillion in national debt — and growing larger by the minute — Jerry Robinson stops to remind listeners of the true nature of our debt-based economy, and why it matters to you. Later, a conversation with author/investor, Jim Rogers. Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: The Age of Debt w/ Jerry Robinson

Segment begins at 00:37

There’s a ballooning elephant in the room… Trading Coach, economist, author, and teacher-at-heart Jerry Robinson sounds the alarm to wake up Americans to the stark reality of the albatross around the neck of this generation – and generations to come. Also, he treats us to an excerpt from his latest book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation.

  • Overconsumption is prized and has almost become a religion
  • President Trump has unleashed the “animal spirits”
  • The Wealth Effect (aka the Fed’s manipulation of American consumer spending)
  • “Federal Reserve Note” perfectly describes our debt-based U.S. currency
  • The outrageous growing U.S. debt is unsustainable… and there is no plan to resolve it!
  • The hidden history of usury

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Segment 2: INTERVIEW: A Conversation with Jim Rogers

Segment begins at 27:03

With a wealth of knowledge and legendary trading expertise, American businessman, investor, world traveler, financial commentator, and author Jim Rogers shares with Jerry what he considers to be his greatest success, as well as his wisdom and insight into current market activity around the world. Topics include:

  • President Trump is “making China great again”
  • What is driving the markets higher and higher?
  • The inevitable disaster from excessive global money printing
  • Are cryptocurrencies in a bubble?
  • Will the government strangle the Blockchain technology in its infancy?
  • Why the future is bright for these two sectors in China
  • Sage advice for new investors

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Segment 3: The Retirement Silver Bullet w/ Mike Mitchell on Debt Management

Segment begins at 46:39

Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell offers an expert voice of wisdom in making proper decisions for sound retirement. Today, he shares with us a vital secret to help secure a comfortable retirement.

  • The level of U.S. consumer debt is staggering
  • Make debt a priority issue prior to retirement
  • The least amount of debt will bring the greatest amount of wealth

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