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Five Levels of Financial Freedom – An Overview

Below you will find the Five Levels of Financial Freedom. While you may be tempted to skip a level in order to get to the “fun” parts, I would urge you avoid that temptation. From my experience, I can tell you that the reason most people fail to achieve financial freedom and security in their lives is because they give in to the temptation to walk before they can crawl. You and your family deserve a financial plan that will last a lifetime. Don’t accept shortcuts when it comes to your family’s financial future.

As you read through each level, you will find recommendations and strategies that you can put into practice immediately.

If you have a philosophical disagreement with any of the ideas that I present, you can obviously ignore my strategies and move on the next part. For example, when you get into Level Two, you will see my recommendations on life insurance. You may believe that you do not need life insurance. Of course, that is fine. However, let it be your decision to not seek out life insurance.

By the time you get to the end of Level One, you will be financially ahead of most of your friends and family. And by the time you complete Level Two and Three, you will be more financially prepared than almost 99% of America.

With all that said, let’s take a brief look at each of the Five Levels before we get started, shall we?

Here’s a graphic explaining it below:

Five Levels of Financial Freedom by Jerry Robinson |

Five Levels of Financial Freedom by Jerry Robinson |

In Level One, your goals are to:


Five Levels of Financial Freedom by Jerry Robinson |

In Level Two, your goals are to obtain adequate:


Five Levels of Financial Freedom by Jerry Robinson |

In Level Three, your goals are to:


Five Levels of Financial Freedom by Jerry Robinson |

In Level Four, your goals are to:

  • Invest Broadly Across Various Asset Classes – Keeping a mix of asset classes is the key to diversification
  • Remember P.A.C.E. for Inflation Protection – P = Precious Metals, AC = Agricultural Commodities, E = Energy
  • Avoid Overweighting in One Area – Because the “rules of the game” can change at any time
  • Trade Cash for Cash Flow When Possible – Oftentimes, opting for cash flow instead of lump sums of cash makes more financial sense
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income – In order to achieve financial freedom, income diversification is vital


Five Levels of Financial Freedom by Jerry Robinson |

In Level Five, your goals are to advance into:

  • Opening or Expanding Your Own Business
  • Stock, Option, and Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies
  • Internet/Affiliate Marketing
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate Strategies

It is important to build your financial plan by first laying a solid foundation. Most people approach financial planning backwards. I believe that the above model that we have created emphasizes the proper order for which a financial plan should be constructed. If you would like to learn more about each of these Five Levels, click on the titles above. To learn about each of the 22 income streams you can create, become a member to instantly unlock our Income University.

As you see from the list above, you will definitely have your work cut out for you. But I have done it, which means you can too!

So now that you have an idea of where we are going to be heading, let’s get started!

Level One | Five Levels of Financial Freedom





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