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PODCAST: Get Ready for a Digital Dollar

January 26, 2022


In this new episode, host/economist Jerry Robinson explains the Fed's push for a digital dollar and shares his latest insights on this month's historic market selloff. Later, we are joined by Josh Young from New Story Charity to discuss the charity's ambitious plan to build 1 million homes for the homeless by 2030. All that and more on this new episode of Follow the Money radio.

Show Notes

Segment 1: The Coming Digital U.S. Dollar


Get Ready for the Digital Dollar

Currently, an astounding 85% of central banks are studying and/or working with digital currencies. Lingering largely behind the curve, the Fed recently released the long-awaited report on the pros and cons of a digital U.S. dollar. Economist and long-time cryptocurrency investor Jerry Robinson highlights interesting sections of the report and discusses the ever-evolving reality that digital assets are here to stay.

  • It’s remarkable that the Bitcoin White Paper surfaced only a little more than a decade ago
  • A CBDC is a digital liability of a central bank
  • The Fed’s view of potential benefits of a digital currency
  • Interesting questions posed by the Fed regarding a digital dollar
  • A plan to desensitize and educate people on the idea of digital currencies?
  • A digital currency will give the Fed an incredible amount of flexibility
  • Our 2025 Bitcoin price target

Segment 2: The Recent Historic Market Selloff


The old adage, “The markets take the stairs up and the elevator down” has been in full play in 2022 sending skittish investors to the exits. Trader/investor Jerry Robinson encourages us to find opportunities where others see a crisis.

  • There has never been a January that has had a worse start
  • About 20% of the stocks in the S&P 500 are reporting Q4 earnings this week
  • The Fed’s first meeting of 2022 is scheduled today

Segment 3: Charity Spotlight


In today’s special Charity Spotlight, Jerry is joined by Josh Young, the Chief of Staff of New Story Charity. Josh and New Charity are committed to an ambitious goal of housing 1 million vulnerable people in vulnerable areas by 2030.


  • Josh’s amazing journey (and sacrifices) on the road to New Story
  • New Story operates with 100% transparency
  • There are currently 1.6 billion homeless in the world, estimated to grow to 3 billion in 2030
  • How New Story is using Bitcoin mortgages
  • The excitement of building in El Salvador
  • 100% of every donation goes directly to house building costs
  • After people receive a home, there is a 63% increase on average for income
  • How faith impacts Josh’s work
  • If you would like to donate or be a part of the work New Story is doing, contact Josh at

Segment 4: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a divine promise of priceless rewards that come when we are generous.

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