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How to Create A “Go” Bag

January 14, 2011

    Download the “Go” Bag Master List

    One of the first action steps of starting your financial gameplan is to create a “go” bag. What exactly is a “go” bag? A “go” bag is any bag, like a backpack or duffel bag, that is light enough to carry, yet large enough to contain all of life’s necessities for at least three days. It contains items that you would need if you were forced to evacuate your home or community in the event of an emergency. The go bag, also known as a “bug-out” bag, is something that you will create with the hopes of never needing to use. Natural disasters, biological or chemical attacks by terrorists, or a wildfire are just a few examples of the potentially devastating events that can happen in the blink of an eye. If disaster were to strike your home or community right now forcing you to flee for safety, how prepared are you at this moment?

    Building a “go” bag is a fairly simple process but it will take some time and money. Our advice is to start small with just the bare necessities slowly building it over time.

    What should you pack into your go bag? My good friend and FTM Quarterly staff writer, Rob Amagna, has created a comprehensive list of recommended items that should be considered when creating your go bag. Thanks to his effort, we can now share it with you.

    Remember, this is a comprehensive list! Do not let its size intimidate you from creating a “go” bag. Instead, let this list serve as your guide.

    Simply click the following link to download the “Go” Bag Master List. (This file will save as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file .xls)

    Download the “Go” Bag Master List

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