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PODCAST: Four Economic Forecasts That Will Shake America

March 24, 2015

PODCAST: Four Economic Forecasts That Will Shake America

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On today’s show, economist and founder Jerry Robinson shares four of his economic forecasts that will literally shake America to it’s core.

Later, Jerry provides a geopolitical update covering several topics including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Listen to today’s podcast to hear all of Jerry’s commentary and analysis…

Later, Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud, provides a cutting-edge update for gold and silver investors.


– Why the biggest stock market crash in America’s history still lies ahead…

– The specific headline to watch for that will signify the collapse of the U.S. dollar

– Why there has never been a better time to move out of the big city and into the countryside…

– Why the European Union (and the Euro) is here to stay…

– Why platinum prices could rise strongly in the coming months and years…

– How one European nation just stood up to Saudi Arabia over its dismal human rights record — and was then immediately scolded by the rich oil sheiks in Riyadh. (Plus, the latest on Rand Paul’s recent call for a U.S. boycott of Saudi Arabia.)

– And much more

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Four Economic Forecasts

1. The biggest stock market crash in U.S. history still lies ahead. We estimate that the U.S. stock market will crash 50%-60% from its peak. The question, of course, is always about the timing. While no one knows, we do actively monitor the U.S. stock market with our Market Barometer.

2. The U.S. dollar will crash when the petrodollar system finally implodes. Listen to the show to hear what headlines to watch for… Also, learn more about the Petrodollar system here.

3. The European Union — and the Euro — are here to stay. In fact, we believe that the European Union is an integral step towards a global government and currency. Listen to the show to learn why…

4. Chaos will fill America’s cities as government services will decline. This is why I moved my family out of the city and into the countryside. We saw the ‘writing on the wall’ and are now committed to sustainable living.

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Geopolitical Update

In this final segment, Jerry Robinson provides an important geopolitical update with special commentary on Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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Free Precious Metals Investing Resources

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