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PODCAST: Buy and Hold is Dead

March 3, 2015

    PODCAST: Buy and Hold is Dead

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    On today’s show, economist and founder Jerry Robinson shares some of the major moves he is making with his own investments as the stock market reaches new highs. Since December of 2009, Jerry has been riding the uptrend in U.S. stocks higher.

    However, at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, Jerry began looking to lock in his gains as U.S. stocks touched new all-time highs.

    According to Jerry: “I just don’t believe that the rewards of maintaining my buy-and-hold positions outweighs the severe risks that exist on the downside. While no one knows how much higher this massive Fed-induced market rally could go, I am content now to “cash in my chips” and focus the money I have left in the market on swing trading and position trading.”

    Jerry adds: “I believe that the majority of the gains that remain to the upside of this market will be enjoyed by stock pickers, traders, and speculators.”

    In addition, Jerry also announces that he will be temporarily closing his popular P.A.C.E. Investment Portfolio. The P.A.C.E. Portfolio, which Jerry has managed since creating it back in 2009, has outperformed the market nearly every year since its inception. However, he has now decided to close the portfolio to focus more specifically on strategic trades.

    According to Jerry: “There will be a lot of money made by traders who have a system in the coming weeks, months and years. That’s why I created Trigger Trade Pro… to empower the average investor with a system that can help him beat the market through powerful trading strategies and ideas.”

    You can a side-by-side comparison of our trading services here.

    Later, Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud, provides an update for gold and silver investors.


    – Why Jerry Robinson is cashing out of ALL of his “Buy and Hold” stock market positions right now…

    – Why wise traders and smart speculators will earn most the gains left in this historic market rally…

    – What your stock broker doesn’t want you to know…

    – And much more…

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