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PODCAST: America’s “Titanic” Economy Is Not Unsinkable

November 14, 2019


The Titanic ship that set sail in 1912 was considered "unsinkable." Of course, it met an icy fate after the unthinkable happened. Likewise, many Americans are acting as if the U.S. economy is "unsinkable" and could never face a day of reckoning. In this week's broadcast, economist and author Jerry Robinson explains why America's "greatest economy ever" is sailing straight towards a massive financial iceberg that could lead to devastating consequences. Later, he provides specific strategies every American can take to prepare for the inevitable day of reckoning that lies ahead.

Show Notes

Segment 1: America's "Titanic" Economy Is Not Unsinkable
Segment begins at 00:58

Is America’s “Titanic” economy unsinkable? Depends on who you ask. On today’s broadcast, economist/trading coach Jerry Robinson separates Washington’s hype from the grim reality of the fragile U.S. economy.

  • Washington’s deficit for October was up an astounding 34% YOY
  • America’s “Titanic” reality: debt growth exceeds (uncensored) economic growth
  • Perplexing: U.S. stock market hits new all-time highs (at the same time that the Fed cuts interest rates??)
  • Did you know… every U.S. Dollar =  a Federal Reserve note (plus interest)?
  • The day is coming when the U.S. will pay more for interest on its national debt than it does for its military
  • Hello, fiscal conservatives, are you there? (crickets)
  • Actionable steps to secure your lifeboat in America’s “Titanic” economy
  • Want to become a lean mean trend trading machine? Reserve your seat now!

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Segment 2: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 44:26

Jerry closes out today’s show with a reminder that a day of reckoning is inevitable for the immensely debt-laden U.S. economy.

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