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About the Trigger Trading System

March 28, 2013


    What is trigger trading?

    Hi! My name is Jerry Robinson.

    If your goal is to make money trading stocks online, Trigger Trading is for you. Since 1998, I have been trading stocks online. Today, I am a financially independent investor, writer, and serial entrepreneur. Making money is a hobby to me. And so is trading stocks. The combination of these two hobbies, combined with my passion for sharing what I have learned, is the reason that I created this daily trading service.

    Don’t you love the thrill of trading stocks? I know I do. After trading stocks for over 16 years, I am more convinced than ever that anyone can learn the basics of profitable stock trading.

    To put it another way, trading is a “trade” that anyone, including YOU, can learn!

    But if you’ve come looking for home run stock picks every single day of the week, you won’t find that here. That’s because I am a very conservative stock trader. Getting knocked around a few times by the sharks on Wall Street has a tendency to wisen you up. In fact, the most successful traders that I know understand that you dramatically increase your chances of earning a nice income from the market if you learn to stop focusing on home run trades and instead focus on hitting singles and doubles. (Sorry for the baseball illustrations.)

    My point is that you won’t find anything flashy here. Just a daily list of stocks that could provide 1%-5% within 1 to 5 days. In fact, the daily list of stocks that I post every morning before the market’s open is the exact same watchlist that I use to trade every single day. You see, I created this service to be a natural extension of what I already do every single day. That is, trade stocks.

    The fact is, trading can be a lonely business. When traders unite, they can harness the power of a group to increase their ideas, and ultimately their profits.

    I welcome you to become a part of the Gold member community and receive INSTANT ACCESS to the daily Trigger Trading!

    Okay, but what is Trigger Trading?

    Its a fair question.

    Did I just make up the name “trigger trading” to create a fancy name? No. Instead, trigger trading is a name of the unique momentum-based trading method that I have used for many years to earn consistent profits in the market.

    This momentum-based trading system offers low-risk setups (remember, I am a conservative trader who “hates” to lose money) by narrowing the buy signal of a particular stock to a specific price range, known as the “trigger” price. Once the stock “triggers” by reaching its “trigger” price, only then does it become a likely candidate for purchase.

    Our goal is to consistently generate returns of 1%-5% per trade within 5 hours to 5 days with minimum risk.

    If the stock doesn’t reach the trigger, then I don’t buy. It’s that simple!

    To better understand our unique trading system, begin by reading “Jerry’s Daily Stock Trading Ideas” here.

    You can also learn more about my stock selection process here.

    I hope you decide to join our Gold member Community. Let’s build a profitable online trading community together!

    Happy Trading!

    P.S. Check out our Gold member program here for Trigger Trading plus Jerry Robinson’s FTMQuarterly Newsletter. Lock in your price now!

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