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Six Reasons Why Businesses Fail

June 15, 2012

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Six Reasons Why Businesses Fail

…Plus, An Update on the U.S. Economy

On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson, along with co-host Jennifer Robinson, will tackle the latest headlines on the U.S. economy and from around the globe. Topics include a new Federal Reserve report showing that American wealth declined by 40% from 2007-2010, record foreign buying of U.S. debt, and an interesting jobs report. Later, Jerry explains six reasons why businesses fail. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or a current small business owner, you will enjoy this commentary..


Then, I am joined by Tom Cloud to discuss the latest events impacting gold and silver prices in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update. If you would like a free consultation on buying gold and silver, or for a free review of your precious metals portfolio, call Tom Cloud at (800) 247-2812.


We are also joined by Jay Peroni, CFP, with a recap of the stock market. And we conclude with this week’s Retirement Minute, in which Retirement Specialist John Bearss discusses another important aspect of annuities.





"Jerry Robinson does an excellent job of explaining the 'Petrodollar' system. His book explains exactly how this will come about, but equally important is the comprehensive section on what you can do to protect yourself."
- G. Edward Griffin, Author and Film-Maker

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