PODCAST: Preparing for War in the Information Age

Preparing for War in the Information Age
Welcome to Follow the Money Radio! This week, we are joined by veteran Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz to discuss the growing threats to America’s electric grid and infrastructure in our modern era of cyberwar. Also, Jerry shares a clever plan of defense against an EMP and how he became financially free. Finally, Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell asks, “Are you in the Retirement Danger Zone?”  Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: Preparing for War in the Information Age with Bill Gertz

Segment begins at 03:17

In this special interview, host Jerry Robinson is joined by highly-esteemed New York Times best-selling author Bill Gertz to discuss his latest book IWar: War and Peace in the Information Age. As one of the top Pentagon reporters in the nation, Bill is also Senior Editor of The Washington Free Beacon and National Security Columnist at The Washington Times. Highlights include:

  • America is at war, but most of its citizens don’t realize it
  • China’s covert mission to drive the U.S. out of Asia
  • North Korea’s recent threat of an EMP attack
  • The Pentagon’s limited defense resources against an EMP
  • What are the real options left for dealing with North Korea?
  • Chinese and North Korean military forces are “as close as lips and teeth”

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Segment 2: A Simple Way to Prepare for an EMP Attack

Segment begins at 22:14

Are you prepared for war in the information age? In this segment, Jerry shares his own strategies for survival following a disastrous event, including a simple, fascinating tip on protecting your devices from an EMP attack or a solar flare.

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Segment 3: Here's Five Ways to Achieve True Financial Freedom

Segment begins at 29:19

Christian economist, veteran investor, and teacher-at-heart Jerry Robinson provides a brief overview of our Five Levels of Financial Freedom, designed to prepare you for, what may very well be, difficult days ahead. Topics include:

  • LEVEL 1: Build an Emergency Reserve
  • LEVEL 2: Asset, Income, and Life Protection
  • LEVEL 3: Build and Diversify Financial Reserves
  • LEVEL 4: Build and Diversify Investments
  • LEVEL 5: Advanced Investing Speculative

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Segment 4: Trading Tip: What about Penny Stocks?

Segment begins at 43:47

In today's trading tip, Jerry addresses this frequently asked question by emphasizing the importance of understanding the risks involved in the penny stock market and maintaining an awareness of the potential fraudsters that often prey on new or naive traders. Before investing your hard-earned cash, paper trading penny stocks for several months may prove highly beneficial to you. (NOTE: Prior to taking the plunge, however, you should always consult a trusted financial advisor!)

Segment 5: Are You in the Retirement Danger Zone?

Segment begins at 50:15

Christian financial advisor, Mike Mitchell, offers an expert voice of wisdom in making proper decisions for sound retirement. Among the considerations this week are:

  • In retirement planning, the most dangerous segments of time are five years prior to and five years after your retirement date
  • When you lose money in your retirement account, how do you tend to react financially?
  • The vital importance of a risk profile evaluation before retirement

Call Mike Mitchell Toll-Free at 833-370-0777 With Your Retirement Questions

Call 833-370-0777 to speak directly with Mike Mitchell about how you can maximize your Social Security benefits and experience a sound retirement.

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