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PODCAST: Gold Is Set To Shine

May 19, 2021


Physical gold has long served as a hedge against inflation. Now, as the U.S. (and the world) faces rising consumer prices, investors are beginning to flock to the yellow metal. On today's broadcast, your host Jerry Robinson is joined by two financial experts to discuss gold as an investment. First, precious metals advisor Tom Cloud provides an overview of gold's current fundamentals, and later, financial advisor Mike Mitchell explains the importance of gold as an inflationary hedge.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Five Reasons Why I Own Physical Gold


Gold is set to shine

Gold is beginning to surge in this environment. Inflation is here and many money managers are beginning to turn to gold as an investment hedge. Listen as Jerry Robinson explains five compelling reasons why gold is a part of his own personal portfolio.

  • Gold is money
  • Gold has intrinsic value (unlike fiat currency)
  • The U.S. government has shown itself to be a poor and reckless steward
  • No one can place a derivative on the gold I hold on my person
  • Diversification is key

Segment 2: Precious Metals Market Update with Tom Cloud


With over four decades of service in the precious metals markets, expert advisor Tom Cloud explains the fundamentals of the current gold market as well as the current price action in physical gold.

  • Gold’s historic role in playing an inflationary hedge 
  • The value of the dollar is dropping
  • The premiums on physical gold are being driven higher
  • The U.S. debt continues growing
  • Platinum is much more rare than gold
  • On silver: “I’ve got my pedal to the metal”

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Segment 3: Retirement Planning with Mike Mitchell


Christian Advisor Referral

A Christian financial advisor for almost 50 years, Mike Mitchell shares the value of physical gold and silver as an economic ballast in your investment portfolio. You can reach Mike Mitchell by phone toll-free at (833) 370-0777.

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Segment 4: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a quote that reminds us of this nation’s grave global position.

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