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PODCAST: Four Investing Ideas for an Uncertain Future

April 8, 2020


On this week's broadcast, economist/author Jerry Robinson provides an update on the devastating human and economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic. Amid a bleak and uncertain future, Jerry shares four specific investing ideas to consider in this crisis.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Four Investing Ideas For An Uncertain Future


As the coronavirus rages through the U.S., the human and economic toll continues to be staggering. Economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson offers a glimmer of hope with four potentially profitable investing ideas in the midst of the sorrows.

  • GOLD and GOLD MINING (begins at 07:10)
    • Gold has long been the beneficiary of poor monetary and fiscal policies
    • A day of reckoning for the U.S. dollar is inevitable
    • The Fed has been printing money while lowering interest rates at the same time in the “greatest economy ever”
    • Mining output limitations globally and the growing physical demand
    • Rumors/possibility of a gold-backed currency
  • BITCOIN (begins at 14:45)
    • Bitcoin is finite – there will only be 21 million (and 18 million have already been created)
    • Cryptocurrency in general is risky; we only use 5% of our investable assets
    • The inflation rate of bitcoin will be lower than the inflation rate of gold after the bitcoin halving in May
    • Will a digital dollar hurt bitcoin?
    • Other cryptocurrencies we like
  • CHINA (begins at 28:39)
    • China has understandably become highly controversial in the U.S.
    • China is the largest economy in the world and the greatest creditor nation in the world
    • China is positioning itself to win in the aftermath of this crisis
    • Imagine that you control a $100 billion sovereign wealth fund…
    • Risk managers are going to look very closely at how each country handled COVID-19
  • U.S. STOCK MARKET (begins at 38:35)
    • Nobody knows where the bottom is in the current U.S. stock market
    • Trading idea: A long-term call option on the major U.S. indices

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    April 18, 2020

    Segment 2 The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


    Jerry closes out today’s show by sharing divine comfort in these troublesome times from one of his favorite Bible verses.

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