Our Favorite Precious Metals and Commodity Investments for 2012

March 31, 2012



Our Favorite Precious Metals and Commodity Investments for 2012

…Plus, Jerry's Comments on America's Latest Achievement: The World's Highest Corporate Tax Rate  

FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 1

 It's no April fools joke! America really will have the world's highest corporate tax rate on April 1. So what does this mean to you and your finances? Jerry Robinson and co-host Jennifer Robinson explore this and other important headlines, including real estate and Middle East tensions

Tom Cloud is back from Europe with an update on gold and silver markets in this week's Precious Metals Market Update. If you would like a free consultation on buying gold and silver, or for a free review of your precious metals portfolio, call Tom Cloud at (800) 247-2812

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FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 2

  Bill Fleckenstein - Greenspan's BubbleWith the financial markets reaching new highs in 2012, is now the time to get into stocks, or is a correction just around the corner? To help answer that question, Jerry will be joined by MSN Money financial columnist, popular author, and hedge manager, Bill Fleckenstein, in Segment Two.

Bill Fleckenstein discusses his views on gold and silver, mining stocks, and one of his personal favorite stocks to buy. Also, Fleckenstein gives his opinion of inflation and money printing as the United States moves forward. Fleckenstein is the author of the popular book Greenspan's Bubbles.

FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 3

  In our final segment, Jerry and Jennifer discuss the decreasing personal savings rate in America and how it is linked to the increasing rate of consumer spending




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Then, Jerry and Jennifer dive into the Listener Mailbag to answer your questions on the direction of social security and Jerry's favorite investments. Jerry gives several specific ticker symbols of precious metals, agricultural commodities and energy stocks that he is currently investing in.


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Then, Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses the top 10 mistakes investors commonly make in this week's Investing Insight.


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Finally, we conclude with the Retirement Minute with John Bearss. This week John discusses the cost of health care in your retirement planning. 








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