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Free Mind-Blowing App Reveals Global Cyberwar in Real-Time

December 23, 2014

    Mind-Blowing App Reveals Global Cyberwar in Real-Time

    (Click here to view the global cyberwar… in real-time)

    Norse Security has developed an excellent tool revealing the growing number of cyber attacks occurring around the world in real-time.

    The truth is that every single minute of every single day, cyber-terrorists are deploying new attacks against governments, corporations, and high-profile individuals.

    Although the American conception of war has evolved greatly over the last several decades (from rusty bayonets to unmanned drones), most Americans are woefully underprepared for the cyber-warfare that will strike American infrastructure. Full-scale cyber attacks in a time of war will not only greatly inconvenience Americans, they could even endanger our very lives.

    One recent government study revealed that a well-planned and tightly coordinated attack against just nine of America’s key substations could wipe out electricity to the entire country for a period of several weeks, months, or even years.

    With our nation facing deepening racial tensions and as “protests-turned-riots” begin to occur with a greater frequency across the country, the last thing that we need right now is for the lights to go out.

    What will America’s first national fast from technology look like? (I’ll answer that question in our next FTMQUARTERLY Journal, due out in late January.)

    Modern warfare is entering uncharted waters and it will affect all of us. Are you prepared?

    Prepare yourself with FTMDaily’s completely free online course: The Five Levels of Financial Freedom!

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