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PODCAST: Market Mayhem In 2022

April 6, 2022


The stock market has been on a roller coaster ride in recent months amid raging inflation, war in Eastern Europe, and a new Fed rate hike campaign. On today’s episode, Jerry Robinson provides a broad update on the financial markets along with his latest commentary and analysis. Later, Jerry is joined by long-time financial advisor Mike Mitchell to discuss an increasingly popular way of protecting your nest egg from the wild swings in the stock market.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Market Commentary + How We Beat the S&P in Q1 2022


Market Mayhem in 2022

Amid geopolitical tensions and disappointing market performance, many investors are shell-shocked. Economist/trading coach Jerry Robinson helps investors navigate the current turbulent waters and shares impressive returns in Q1 2022.

  • Both equity and bond investors really had nowhere to hide in Q1 2022
  • One of the most popular ways to detect a coming recession
  • “Money flows to the highest rate of return”
  • Major markets analysis and commentary
  • Sometimes the solution for high prices is high prices (and here’s why)
  • How we beat the performance of the S&P 500 index in Q1 2022
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Segment 2: Is A Fixed Income Annuity Right for You?


For over four decades, Mike Mitchell has been helping people develop a comprehensive financial plan to meet their needs. Listen in as he tells Jerry about the pros and cons of a fixed indexed annuity

  • What is a Fixed Index Annuity?
  • What are the benefits (pros) of Fixed Indexed Annuities?>
  • What are the negative aspects (cons) of Fixed Indexed Annuities?
  • The financial stability of the annuity issuer is of vital importance
  • How do interest rate fluctuations affect Fixed Indexed Annuities?
  • Tips for buying a Fixed Indexed Annuity
  • Contact Mike Mitchell for answers to your questions at 833-370-0777 (toll free)

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Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a quote from an 18th century philosopher whose words echo an undisputed truth to this day.

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