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How to Use Market Cycles for Peak Trading Performance

September 1, 2016


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    How to Use Market Cycles for Peak Trading Performance

    Topics Covered on this video conference call (in order)

    • U.S. Stock Market Action. With a lack of stock market volatility over the past several weeks, Jerry gives his commentary on where the markets may be headed, as well as key levels investors should watch out for.
    • Volatility Near 20-Year Lows. Jerry shows how markets tend to act during periods of ultra low-volatility.
    • Major Commodities and Currency Analysis. There are several other markets reaching important levels right now. Jerry offers his signature chart analysis on Gold, Silver, and four other markets reaching pivotal areas.
    • Market Cycle 101. Cycles are everywhere in nature, but do financial markets move in cycles also? Here’s what investors and traders everywhere should know about this topic.
    • The Market Cycle Model. Markets move in cycles in three different time frames. Learn the three cycles, plus how traders can use them together for optimal trading and profits.
    • New! SmartScore Ranking System. Jerry explains how our brand new SmartScore ranking system will work, and how you can use it to find high-quality stocks to trade. Get the details on the seven criteria that factor into our ranking.
    • Top Gold and Silver Mining Stocks. Jerry reveals our top gold and silver mining stocks right now in our new SmartScore ranking system!


    Member Questions Answered on Today’s Video

    1. Are we in a Long-Term Uptrend for Gold and Silver yet?
    2. As more and more trading activity is done by high-frequency traders, will it change the market cycles since they do not use emotions in their trading?
    3. How can I play volatility in order to bet on a potentially rising volatility index?

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